Promise Cherry Beach Has One For The Music Heads Tomorrow

­­In this e-blast from the Toronto, Canada based event company the team stated:

This Sunday’s beach party will be a music-head techno  playground. Aurora Halal is at the sphere’s-edge of an expanding universe of dark, angular life-affirming dance-floor intensity and we welcome you into her cosmos. ­Aurora Halal is the creator of NYC’s successful Mutual Dreaming events and the groundbreaking Sustain Release festival. In all her projects she treats dance music as an arena for transformation and her events have been rooted in an underground DIY approach that pushes forward-thinking sounds, production and ideas. Shadowy and psychedelic, her hardware live & DJ sets have a hazy sensuality and metallic dance floor intensity that’s playful, dark, euphoric and emotionally vulnerable.
 She’s a resident at NYC’s Nowadays, a regular at Berghain and De School, and has spent the last 10 years touring like-minded clubs, raves and festivals all over the world.
Expanding the universe with her are our genius friends Edna King, Acote, Loxxe and Sanjeet – don’t miss a blip! ­­Grab Tickets­­­
­­We’ve already started getting ready with these sets:

BBC Radio 6 Mix – Aurora Halal

Edna King – Promise German Sparkle Party! Dec 1 2018

Acote – Promise Cherry Beach Aug 25, 2019

Loxxe – PITSCAST.042

Sanjeet – Invisible City Radio 2021-09-17­­­
­­­Oh! And if you weren’t with us last weekend here are some moments that you maybe missed. Captured by our friend Ded Pixel of Ded Agency.

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