#MusicMonday: Post Caribana Decompression

One of the biggest events in the six has passed and now the Summer almost feels over. Caribana brings together Toronto and visitors to rejoice in celebration of the love for Soca, Calypso and Steeplan music. With a Carnival Parade, gorgeous costumes and good vibes the event never fails to bring communities together. If you’reContinue reading “#MusicMonday: Post Caribana Decompression”

#MusicMonday: MTV’s Are You The One Stars

It is not uncommon for cast members of reality shows to take advantage of their newly found fame  to launch careers based on their talents (you would do the same tbh). MTV’s Are You The One is all about finding love, and making money but aside from being terrible at dating, the show’s casts oftenContinue reading “#MusicMonday: MTV’s Are You The One Stars”

The MTV Fandom Awards 2016: Winners & Wolves

The 2016 MTV Fandom Awards aired earlier last night and they remain one of my favourite award shows. I love anything that is fan driven, and these awards have just that element. Hosted by Tyler Posey the awards featured award presentations from Austin Butler, the cast of the all new Power Rangers, Holland Roden, EmmaContinue reading “The MTV Fandom Awards 2016: Winners & Wolves”

Lizzie McGuire’s BFFs: Where Are They Now?

We were all apart of Lizzie McGuire’s squad, or so we like to believe in our heads. But where are Miranda and Gordo now? Well according to MoviePilot.com here is what the two are up to: Miranda Sanchez aka LaLaine Vegara Then: She rocked the violin, and was always there for our girl Lizzie. Now:Continue reading “Lizzie McGuire’s BFFs: Where Are They Now?”

MTV’s Scream: The Drinking Game

This season of Scream is darker than the last (BROOKE I SEE YOU GIRL! YAAASSSS.), and it is oh so good. Like any horror piece show, or film there are patterns which I’m certain our boy Noah has noticed. So what can we do with these patterns? Well we firstly can yell at the screenContinue reading “MTV’s Scream: The Drinking Game”

Bad Girls Club: 10 of TV’s Top Mean Girls

For decades the “mean girl” stereotype has ruled the television school world pulling horrible pranks, being the queen of popularity, getting the guy, and making us all root for the underdog in the situation. Here’s a list of some of my favourite TV Mean Girls throughout the years: Kate Saunders: Lizzie McGuire Just because youContinue reading “Bad Girls Club: 10 of TV’s Top Mean Girls”

Martha Stewart Throws Twitter Shade at Kardashian BFF Jonathan Cheban?!

The craft and food queen took to Twitter to ask the Daily Mail a very important question: Is Jonathon Cheban as popular as he claims? The PR mogul, best known as the possible leak, and BFF to selfie queen Kim Kardashian-West apparently mentioned how popular he was to Stewart earlier today. The whole tweet wasContinue reading “Martha Stewart Throws Twitter Shade at Kardashian BFF Jonathan Cheban?!”