Zac Efron Is Playing Notorious Killer Ted Bundy In A Movie And I Have Mixed Feelings About It

It was announced months ago that Hollywood heartthrob Zac Efron would be portraying infamous serial killer Ted Bundy in a new film and now we have a trailer for it.

I do have some mixed feelings about all this though, I’m sure the headline was a dead giveaway. Although I adore Zac Efron (Highschool Musical forever) I have to wonder if he is the right fit for the role. Is he perhaps too handsome for the role? Ted Bundy was a good looking man, he was charming, and had no problem in the romance department, and I certainly do believe Efron has no issues with these characteristics. I worry though that he is too wholesome to play someone so sinister and truthfully evil. This seems like a role Joaquin Phoenix could have played if he wasn’t busy as the Joker. I suppose I’ll just have to watch the film?

What are your thoughts on the trailer? Leave a comment below!