MTV’s AYTO 8 Season Finale: Did They Secure The Bag?

The MTV hit competitive dating series ended it’s 8th season this week with it’s first sexually fluid cast.

With 6 couples left to find their perfect match fans wondered whether or not the “bad at dating” folk could pull a W.

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Well they did it, they secured the bag, and their perfect matches. I’m curious to see who from this cast stays together, and who finds their way to either dating other AYTO alumni, or onto The Challenge.

Who were your favorite couples?


MTV’s The Challenge: The Final Reckoning Premieres Tonight at 9/8c

I’m going .to get right into this with the question of the title of this season: IS THIS THE END OF THE CHALLENGE? AM I STARTING CRAZY RUMOURS? I think we all know Jemmye will have the tea on this but hey let me have something.

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The cast this season is stacked with newbies, and old rivalries. With another 1 million dollar prize on the line will Cara and Marie be able to work together? Will the house tear apart power couples Jenna and Zach, or Brad and Britni? I’m ready for all the drama, all the challenges I say ‘I could probably do that) but couldn’t and for my Tuesdays to have meaning again. The new season premieres tonight at 9/8c on MTV, and you can bet I’ll be watching.

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Which AYTO Alumni Are Expecting Their First Child Together?

If your perfect match were standing in front of you would you even know it? The cast of AYTO never really seems to know it to be honest. They do however make very real connections and carry those relationships outside of the show.

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Who could forget the love affair that was Gianna Hammer and Hayden Parker Weaver? It was a match made by Gianna’s parents in the first episode to prove mother does know best.  Although the two were not a AYTO ‘perfect match’ they took the boom boom room home with them.
Despite Hayden competing on the Are You The One spinoff “Second Chances” with his perfect match Carolina and rumours spreading the two were an item on stan Twitter.

The two are expecting their first child together as announced on Valentine’s Day.

Congrats Hayden and Gianna! You’re well on the way to being your season’s Ethan and Amber 😉

#TMITuesday: 10 Questions With MTV Personality Cara Maria Sorbello

This week’s feature has had her fair share of wins and losses on MTV’s most compelling competitive reality show The Challenge. In it’s 31st season currently the cat, including Cara Maria Sorbello is pushed to the limits mentally, emotionally and physically all while facing vendettas and enemies. Romantic and platonic relationships are put to the test, and a lot of pizza war. I sat down to ask the MTV legend about the latest season of the show, get some advice for the rookies and find out how she thinks she would fair as a Geordie.


1. You’re an OG Challenge cast member, how do you think the newbies over the last few seasons have been doing? What advice would you give to any newcomers? 

It’s a different world than when I was a newbie. I came in with my tail between my legs because I was at the bottom of the food chain and respected those who came before me. I didn’t even consider myself remotely a vet until my 5th or 6th season. I was treated “less than” just because I did not have an original season. I was constantly reminded by cast and fans that I didn’t belong because I was not an “original” real world or road rules cast member. I was also outnumbered. The vets had friends, history, strategy, etc.
Now there are so many new kids from so many different shows that the whole rookie thing doesn’t even apply. They come in with guns blazing with a chip on their shoulder and something to prove. A lot of times they have this overwhelming sense of “i need to do crazy things for camera time or they won’t call me back” “i need to make big moves”- I don’t have those fears. I just play and do my own thing. I’m pretty content. These new kids have nothing to prove to me and never will. I don’t ask that of anyone because I remember what it was like when I started. The only slight advantage I have is my history on the shows and friendships or understandings I’ve made with other people from working with them over the years. I just wish the newer cast members would be a little more relaxed. The best advice I can give them is: don’t make a move that will give you an inch but set you back 10 miles. A lot of cast members do multiple seasons… and they do not forget a betrayal.

2. What’s an average workout for you?

Ideally I like to get one Crossfit class in, ride my horse, and get a hike in. I have been filming so much that I haven’t had much time to take shifts working at kickboxing. However, when I have more time off I tend to keep myself busy with work. Luckily my job as a kickboxing instructor is also a work out!

3. Okay the stans need the tea, how much of the drama inside the house carries out to the outside world?


It’s like high school. You chill out after it’s over but when it airs you get to see all the things people said behind your back and all the underhanded moves they were making. That drama certainly spills. It is also super interesting to see people bad mouthing each other on the side but yet acting like BFFs outside of the house. It puts a bad taste in my mouth. I don’t trust ANYONE.

Image result for the challenge vendettas cast


My newest way of going about life in this challenge world (finally after a shit ton of putting my foot in my mouth and learning) is: DO NOT acknowledge cast members or fans who talk shit on TV or on the internet. Completely ignore it as if they do not exist. I appreciate that they DO exist because it keeps me relevant (What IS Batman without a Joker?)… but I do not feed them my attention or energy anymore. Everything comes out in the wash and I have nothing to explain or justify to anyone. I just literally give zero fucks now. Finally. Honestly. and Truly. Zero. I know who I am and give only attention to those who have my back.

4. If you had to choose, what would you say your ‘theme song’ would be?

Well, I get super pumped when I hear Born To Rage (USA version) from Dada Life. Also Love Rick Astley “Never Gonna Give You Up”

I don’t really have a life theme song… cuz it changes all the time. But Whales : Hail Mary Mallon is really speaking to me. GET MONEY!

5. Do you think you would well suited for any of the shows some of the other cast comes from?


I’d love to host a “meet your troll” type show. Or be a judge on a pastry show. Mmmmm donuts.

Ex On The Beach: F*ck no. Do you KNOW my ex?

Are You The One: LMFAO Well… It would be fun at least! They never get eliminated and they live a sweet life and get to do fun challenge dates. Seems like a good time to me.

The Real World: I wish I got to live this when I was younger. It would have been a great learning experience for me and an easier transition into the Challenges. Getting tossed straight into the challenge was tough. I think with the way I grew up and how socially awkward and weird I was (and still am), the Real World honestly would have been good for me. Self discovery type stuff.

Geordie ShoreImage result for geordie shore castI guess if I got multiple plastic surgeries and just drank til my rotting liver fell out of my butt…. yeah. No. I could never do that show. That’s not me in the least.

Big Brother: F*ck no! Getting filmed and judged 24/7 and never leaving a house? I could never do that. Bless the souls who can!

6. Since today is #TMITuesday can you tell the readers something about you that they may not already know?


Honestly, I have serious social anxiety. I’m a hermit. I LOVE being alone. I have amazing friends and do enjoy time with them, but I LOVE BEING ALONE. It helps me reset my brain. It’s weird though. If I get asked to host a party or if I have a specific job to do with a lot of people, I’m great. I own it. It gives me direction and something to focus on. I can bartend, DJ, host, whatever. However, sometimes, even when I’m around family and friends, I get this overwhelming need to run away and be alone. If you have anxiety, you get it. Also, if I’m just tossed into a bar or party and i don’t have a “job” to do, I get really uncomfortable. I use up a lot of my energy trying to be “on” and I just die inside. I’ve learned how to get comfortable saying “no”. I like getting invited places. I want to keep my options open. But when I know I need to be alone to reset, I’m comfortable turning plans down. I’ve never regretted staying home 😉

7. In terms of twists, fights, and hookups what can fans expect on this season of The Challenge?


More than you have seen in years. this season is off the wall. The new blood was a FANTASTIC move on MTV’s part.

8. One of my favourite things about the Challenge is the season’s theme, I’m big on exes competing together but if you could create your own theme what would it be?


I have been keeping my fingers crossed for either a DUEL (call me out if you want to face me in elimination instead of convincing your friends do the dirty work) OR a big team challenge… like the gauntlet. I’ve been dying for a team challenge. Not teams of two, but two or three giant teams like back in the day. I want to run a final in a big team 🙂

9. Who or what inspires you?


I follow some fitness girls on Instagram (Emily Schromm included) and they def keep me motivated to eat healthier and keep moving. I also am inspired.. or rather “motivated” by people who watch and support me on the challenge. I keep pushing and try harder because there are people who believe that I can even when I don’t believe it myself. I just want to prove people who love me that they are right. The stories people tell me of their own lives and the things they speak about when I meet them… it’s unbelievable how humbling it is for me. As the last kid picked in any physical thing in all of grammar school/highschool/college…. I do not take any of this for granted. I try to be better because I want to show people that you can be the weird, nonathletic, outcast and you can make something of yourself. High school doesn’t last forever. You get out of it and make something of yourself. Live the life that makes you happy and those who matter will be by your side… while those who are negative can kick rocks.
Basically the best advice I can give to anyone feeling down on themselves and letting this whole world of social media drown them in insecurity: F*CK IT ALL and remember this: If someone tries to make you feel low… it only reflects on them. People’s problems with you are THEIR PROBLEMS and NOT yours. IGNORE hate and reward love. The payoff is infinite. ❤ This is what I have learned.
10. What’s next for you Cara?
Well, when I finally retire from challenges I will take the money I have made and invested and I will open my own challenge style gym. However, i travel so much I have not had time to sit down and get started yet. Image result for the challenge vendettas cast I’m in no rush though. When the time is right, I’ll get it going. I want to keep in the fitness world and help other people find the high of accomplishing personal goals 🙂


An MTV Challenge Baby Reveal: Cheyenne Floyd Names Ryder’s Father

Nine month old baby Ryder has been the star of AYTO and The Challenge Alumni Cheyenne’s Instagram but the father of the child wasn’t revealed until this past weekend. Rumours circulated that the father was anyone from former Challenge partner Devin to AYTO and Challenge hot head Nelson. Who better to make the reveal than the father himself, Cory Wharton.

Image result for cory wharton cheyanne

Father to baby Ryder made the reveal via social media this past weekend that he and Cheyenne are happily co-parenting the adorable child. We first met Wharton on The REal World: EX-Plosion, where he went from Jenny’s f*ckboi to a Challenge BEAST. Congrats Cheyenne and Cory, I’m slightly hoping that Raines baby Isla (daughter to MTV’s Tony & Alyssa) and Ryder become little BFFs tbh.

#TMITuesday: 10 Questions With MTV’s AYTO 6 Star Ethan ‘E Money’ Cohen

MTV’s Are You The One has had six seasons, over 100 singles, over 5 million dollars, but only one E Money. I sat down to chat with Ethan about his time on the show, his upcoming EP, and he may or may not have promised that I could star in a music video with him in this week’s interview.

He did not promise me that.


1. What was your strategy going into the Are You The One house?

My strategy was to observe every dude in the house, and be the complete opposite. Later I learned that me being myself was indeed a complete 180 from everybody else, which was actually unfortunate at the time. I didn’t fit in and people thought I was weird, strictly because I really had nobody to relate to except for Alexis. But then she fell in love with Keith and acted like I didn’t exist. Now, however, many of the viewers relate to me, because I’m realizing that I represent the everyday, blue collar man who wouldn’t normally get selected for reality shows. It’s been fun. 

2. Since today is #TMITuesday can you tell the readers something about you that they may not already know? 

I am addicted to 90s alternative rock music. I just can’t get enough of it. 

3. I don’t know if you know this, but you’re a Betches favourite based on the recaps (, how do you feel thus far about how you’re being portrayed on TV? Do you think it is a fair depiction of who you are?

I am happy with how I’m being portrayed, and anybody who knows me knows that what you see on TV is how I am in real life.Image result for are you the one 6 ethan They’re making me look like the voice of reason, which at many times was far from the truth. But I’ll take it. 
4. Halloween, aka the best holiday ever, is over and stupid Christmas is on the way.  What was your Halloween costume?
I dressed up as Ethan from Are You The One strictly because I wanted to be repulsive to

5. Love or money, which is more important to you after your AYTO experience?

Money comes and goes, love is forever. I’ll always find a way to make money, but love is a little deeper and trickier to attain. So love is more important. 

6. If you could choose a celebrity as your ‘perfect match’ who would it be and why?

My celebrity perfect match would be Jennifer Aniston. She just seems pure and I know I could do her better than Ross from friends. That dude makes ME look like a lady killer.

Image result for jennifer aniston

7.  How has your life changed since the show began airing?

I started talking to Tori Deal from Season 4 of Are You The One and every time I talk to her my life changes. 

8. Describe an average day for you:

I wake up, do stuff, then go to sleep.

9.  What would you say is your ‘theme song?’

Name by the Goo Goo Dolls. It’s a song about the experiences of an orphan, which I can’t relate to at all, but the song just touches me in ways no AYTO girl could ever touch me. 


10. What’s next for you Ethan?

Right now I’m putting together an EP which should release in about a month. Before the show, I really wasn’t inspired to make music, but now I just can’t make enough. One of the best parts of my Are You The One experience is the amount of music it’s going to fuel. Let’s go. 

#TMITuesday: 10 Questions with MTV’s Marie Roda

A woman who lives her life by the Hakuna Matata, provides MTV with hilarious commentary and really should have her own reality show ‘Marie,Marie And Also Marie: Redemption House’ takes over this week’s #TMITuesday. We first fell in love with the blonde babe on The Real World: St Thomas, and after avoid the show for a bit we were reintroduced to her on The Challenge. I laid down (I usually sit down for interviews but Y’ALL I AM TIRED) to ask Marie about her showmance with a certain AYTO man, her online rivalry with Cara, and made plans with her to party.

Oh wait not, I def forgot to do that last one. Either way, check out this week’s new interview to get your fill of Roda after her elimination on The Challenge.


1. You got yourself into some trouble early into the season by being a part of the reason Jenna went into elimination against her bff Kailah. With both ladies being your friends how do help to separate friendships from Challenge house politics?

In this particular challenge it was really hard. At the end of the day, everyone had a number 1 but me. (Toya went home so soon) I was playing for myself and myself alone. In any other season the move we pulled off would’ve been epic but of course w my luck there was redemption. I never want kailah/Jenna. I wanted Kailah to take out Camila. I did know that if something did get messed up two big players would go enviably.

Image result for marie roda

Either way – it still made me feel like shit because I’m not a “dirty” player/person. If nothing else, it made for a great episode.

2. What would you say is your ‘theme song’?

American Woman LOL

3. To say the least you didn’t eat a whole lot in the redemption house challenge; do you think you would fair better in the physical elimination the first round of redemption house challengers competed in?

Yes. Aneesa’s ankle was still hurting and I straight up told her if it was physical I planned on kicking it. In regards to the “food” – 1. I knew my ability to take it down and I couldn’t foresee eating it faster than Nicole/Aneesa was. I also knew that we weren’t even half way through the game. Had it been a final perhaps I would’ve competed differently but for me I was kind of like … well I’m gonna lose this regardless, why lose AND eat shit. Poor Nic ate almost everything and was on the same plane home as me so.

4. You deal with SO MANY TWITTER TROLLS. Recently you tweeted that you believe Cara Maria runs a few. Let’s get shady, can Cara back it up when she dishes it?

Nope! But that’s what trolls do. At this point I’m not even sure how we got here, but we’re here. I’m excited for everyone to see the rest of the season and the person I currently know Cara to be. I’m also looking forward to the reunion since everyone will see for themselves if she can back it up or not. I’m not one to hold grudges — I don’t care nor do I have the attention span.. plus I told myself yesterday I need to grow up and ignore trolls and twitter drama. I’m too cool for that shit
Image result for wes cara marie soda on head

5. You also tweeted about the premiere of the latest season of Are You The One, who would be your perfect Challenge match of all the guys to compete in 30 seasons?
That is a tough one. I like to think Kenny. He’s hot and hilarious. Although he’d prob make it much further than me in a challenge and I don’t fair well with long distance relationships. I’m also not really sold on crossfit so I’m not sure if he’d accept me or not lol 

6. Unlike the more recent seasons of The Real World your season didn’t include a twist. Do you think your cast could have handled a twist?

I wish it did. Our season was pretty boring solely because of our location and ability to go out and meet people. Would def be hilarious to see my troll my ex boyfriends on national tv though.

7. Since today is #tmituesday can you tell the fans something they may not know about you? Any hidden talents or guilty pleasures? 

I actually am a huge fan of AYTO. There’s something about hot young singles, alcohol, and a million dollars that reallllllly gets me going. 

I also was a prude until I was in 8th grade. Hit the ground running though once we knocked that off my bucket list.

8. Who is your celebrity crush?

Paul walker RIP

Image result for paul walker

9. Whatever happened with you and Anthony? You started a lil showmance on Invasion.

Love him. When he got kicked off we went on a little rendezvous to Florida and Aruba. I actually brought him as a date to my friends wedding. We talk still. Great guy, makes me laugh, and he’s hot.. but it’s more like a playful sister/brother bond right now with a high probability of some lovin’ if we were near each other. Lol

10. What’s next for you Marie?

Same thing I do everyday Nikki. Try to take over the world.

You can stay up to date with Marie and her antics on Twitter, and check out The Challenge tonight at 10pm on MTV.