Reality TV Couples Who Are Still Going Strong

It is strange to think that years from now, some of these couples will be telling their love story to their children with “we met on a reality TV show” but hey, it seems to be working for them? And sure, there are tons of ‘reality TV couples’ but not many met on a show.

Amber & Ethan: AYTO

photo from MTV

This ‘perfect match’ met on the first season of Are You The One back in 2013 (airing in 2014) and are since married with children.

KC & Nany: The Challenge

photo from US Weekly

Since meeting on the show’s 35th season when both parties were in relationships the spark between KC and Nany was real and beautiful. The two are now ‘official’, living together, posting the cutest Instagram stories of one another and are planning a family together.

Emily & Cam: Too Hot To Handle 2

photo from Netflix

During the second season of the Netflix hit series ‘Too Hot To Handle’ Emily and Cam couldn’t keep their hands off of one another. Which yes is very sweet but not when the goal of the show is to not touch?

The influencers are still going strong together and are both blond now.

Ika & Demetres: Big Brother Canada

photo from Youtube clip

In season five of the Canadian version of Big Brother Ika and Demetres became a showmance and that quickly made them a ‘duo’ on the show. Ika the icon and Demetres both left the BBCan house without a winner’s title but left with a brewing love. The two are now engaged and its so goddamn CUTE.

Kam & Leroy: The Challenge

photo from Kam’s IG

Team Kamroy FOREVER. These challenge BEASTS fell in love before our eyes over multiple seasons of The Challenge. Now living in Houston, the two are expecting a baby boy this year together.

Snooki & Jionni: Jersey Shore

photo from PEOPLE

Nearly 11 years ago at Seashore Heights nightclub on the wildly popular MTV series, ‘Jersey Shore’s Nicole ‘Snooki’ met her now-husband and father to her children Jionni.

After watching Snooki almost leave season 1 and lust after castmates Vinny and Mike you would never think that she would be the one to find love on the shore, but she did. So refreshing from the toxicity of Ron and Sam.

Rachel & Brendon: Big Brother 12

photo from Google

Floaters you had better grab a life vest, but not for this relationship. Rachel and Brendon have been going solid since season 12 of BBUS and are currently married with children.

Cory & Taylor: Ex On The Beach US

photo from Taylor’s Instagram

Although Cory Wharton has been on many reality shows, he met AYTO alumni Taylor Selfridge on the US version of Ex On The Beach back in 2017. Wharton and Selfridge share a daughter Mila, and are expecting their second child together.

Heidi & Spencer: The Hills

photo from MTV

Oh, Speidi, two people who dominated reality TV in the mid-2000s on a multitude of shows, and magazine covers. Heidi and Spencer are happily married with one child, and I imagine more to come to get back on the front of US Weekly?

Marnie & Casey: Ex On The Beach UK

photo from Heat World

Worldie Marnie is known for being a partying Geordie or rather, was known for it. While Casey was introduced to us on MTV’s Ex On The Beach (UK) and I honestly did not expect the two to click.

Following the loss of Marnie’s father, she and Casey grew quite close. We have since seen the two in their honeymoon element on Geordie Shore OG. Today, the two are engaged with one child and one on the way.

Kevin & Pilar: Big Brother Canada

photo from Twitter

These cuties met in 2015 on Big Brother Canada and they are one of the series’ first showmances, announced in February that they were engaged. Will Arissa Cox officiate the wedding?

Sam & Mark: Survivor AU

photo from WHO Mag

In 2017 Sam and Mark embarked on the adventure of a lifetime to compete for 500k on Survivor Australia. The two had no idea their lives would forever be changed in Samoa.

Eliminated one after the other both went home with no cash prize but a truly beautiful love story. The two are now married with one son, and currently competing together again on Survivor AU: Blood vs Water.

Rob & Amber: Survivor All-Stars (season 8)

photo from CBS

This is a CLASSIC reality TV couple and one of the first Survivor love stories to be written in the tabloids. These two Survivor winners met on the 8th season of the show and since then are married with children and have competed on The Amazing Race and Survivor: Winners At War together.

Gwen & Blake: The Voice

photo from The Voice

This is a weird one because not only were both already very famous but they are judges on a reality show rather than competitors like the rest of the list so far. But alas, the NOT a Hollaback girl Gwen and countryman Blake fell in love and got married. Now middle-aged white moms around North America smile weekly at the two.

Iyanna & Jarrette: Love Is Blind

photo from Netflix

Sometimes a second choice is the better one and for these two it sure is. This couple is still happily married and in love.

Cara & Paulie: The Challenge

photo from US Weekly

Explaining the timeline of their relationship is always funny to me, they started out flirting because Cara wanted to make her ex Kyle Christie (Geordie Shore/The Challenge) jealous, then they were together but Paulie was with someone from The Bachelor? Then broken up, back together, fake breakup etc etc

The two are still going strong according to Instagram and despite my personal opinions of them I cannot deny that Cara is a FIERCE competitor and champion.

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