10 Things That Happened on MTV’s The Challenge Spies, Lies & Allies Episode 1

I have not been this excited about a premiere episode of The Challenge in years. It is almost as if reality TV is getting good again?!

This episode had it ALL! The drama, the lying, the hook ups and an incredible elimination. Queen Amanda is back and she is not here to play around.

Warning: if you have not watched the episode yet, this contains spoilers.

10. Partners were chosen

The rookies got to choose their partners by racing toward a stack of sledge hammers and keys to “rescue” their partners of choice.

  • Amanda & Kyle
  • Aneesa & Logan
  • Ashley & Hughie
  • Corey & Emy
  • Cory & Bettina
  • CT & Berna
  • Devin & Tracy
  • Fessy & Esther
  • Jeremiah & Tacha
  • Josh & L*uren (homegirl is getting that D** edit).
  • Kaycee & Emanuel
  • Michaela & Renan
  • Michele & Nam
  • Nany & Gabo
  • Nelson & Priscilla
  • Tommy & Big T
  • Tori & Kelz
screen grab from MTV

9. The first daily challenge saw their first winners

Aneesa and Logan took the first win becoming ‘The Agency’ making them safe from elimination and giving them the power at elimination to vote in a team. The voted in team will go up against the house nominated team.

8. Hookups.

Ah yes, a hot season with even hotter hookups. Nelson and Ashley revealed that they have been bone buddies outside of the challenge house, Amanda went in for the kill with Fessy, Emanuel has his eyes on Michele and Kaycee and Nany are finally an item.

The Challenge 37' Cast Revealed — Watch the First Trailer

7. Tensions rise, and allies are formed from the spies…and lies.

Twitter may be calling Amanda and Ashley the Satan Sisters but I’m going with ‘The Unholy Trinity’. (tm me).

The Survivor crew is getting a lot of heat from Tori and Michaela takes it all in.

6. The List.

New comer Emy decides to take a 69 route and spill about a list that Michaela made to Tori and Aneesa. This sets the tone for the upcoming deliberation.

5. The Deliberation.

Things get spicy when The rookies go at it during the deliberation. Michaela vs Michele and Tommy vs Emy. It is a Survivor blowup and the vets stand back and watch it all go down while the rookies partners just want to keep a low profile.

4. House Vote.

Ultimately Michaela and Renan are voted into elimination.

3. The Lair (Elimination).

The cast makes their way to TJ in The Layer to see a two sided ramp for the elimination. TJ reveals that ‘The Agency’ can vote in any male and any female regardless of teams into elimination. Aneesa sticks with her initial plan and votes in Corey, with Logan agreeing, with Logan choosing to put Michele down for…well no one really knows why.

Renan and Michaela vs Corey and Michele goes down with teams strapped back to back using whatever they can to get the other team off the ramp with them first.

Corey dominates and wears the 3 competitors like a backpack CT style proving that he is not there to play around.


The Challenge': Relive the Best Moments
CT vs Bananas

2. Winners.

Corey and Michele take the win sending home Michaela and Renan.

1. New Teams.

Like last season, the winners are able to steal a new partner or stay with their current. Corey and Michele both choose new partners scrambling the other players.

Michele chooses Devin, and Corey chooses Tori and this leaves Kelz with Tracy. IT is revealed that Nam has left the game (due to COVID) which would have you think that Emy has no partner. WRONG.

Enter AGENT ED aka Ed Eason of Netflix’s The Circle. I refuse to call him anything other than Agent Ed.

Want to hear more of what happened on Episode 1? Tune into Caffeine Confessionals Podcast to find out.

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