The Anxiety Diaries Volume 4: Allowing Your Support System To Support You

Sometimes you have to allow your support system to do just that and support you.

#MusicMonday: El verano se está calentando con nueva música

I’m sure it seems as though I like writing about how nice the weather is just as much as I like going outside to enjoy it. Much like my high school days in the Summer with all soca parties, I see a reboot of that with Latin made/inspired music. We’re all still pretty sick ofContinue reading “#MusicMonday: El verano se está calentando con nueva música”

The Anxiety Diaries Volume 2: Anti-Social Media

Okay so, no one seemed to hate volume one? I am still ironically shaking with anxiety from the first post hitting screens. Volume 2 deals with social media which plays a big part in the majority of my own personal social circle (and a lot of others I assume too). Personally, I use Facebook +Continue reading “The Anxiety Diaries Volume 2: Anti-Social Media”

#BeautyOnABudget: DIY Lavendar-Coconut Oil Hair Mask

Maybe it’s because I like to pretend I’m boujee, maybe it’s because I’m constantly panicking and it is soothing but I love lavender. It sounds super hipster but lavender lemonade, cocktails, lotions, and all that jazz are my jimmy jam. This 2 ingredient mask is simple to make, and use. It is ideal for damaged,Continue reading “#BeautyOnABudget: DIY Lavendar-Coconut Oil Hair Mask”

#TMITuesday: 10 Questions With Yo Fam! Star And Director Alexandria Benoit

I don’t think I could even imagine being a teenager now, I mean I’ve pretended to be one for film and TV but everything is f*cked now. Canadian director and actress Alexandria Benoit has helped to create a look into a subculture for youth that doesn’t have nearly as much exposure as it deserves. AContinue reading “#TMITuesday: 10 Questions With Yo Fam! Star And Director Alexandria Benoit”

Happy St. Paddy’s Day Yuh Fookin’ C*nts!

As a 3/4 Irish woman, I make sure to embrace my culture as much as possible. I follow Lolaliner on Instagram, I wear a Claddagh ring properly, I would marry Connor McGregor, and I drink. Today, you’re all Irish, and let it be known: you don’t need an excuse to drink 😉

Toronto Is Getting A Future Viking Party Thanks To Heavy Meta’s Metaverse: 003

In just one week Toronto’s iconic Distillery District will have it’s acclaimed venue: The Fermenting Cellar become the one night home for a future viking world of art, music, and a fire breathing dragon. Heavy Meta presents the third installation of Metaverse – At the Fermenting Cellar, The Distillery Historic District’s most opulent event venue.Continue reading “Toronto Is Getting A Future Viking Party Thanks To Heavy Meta’s Metaverse: 003”

I’m Doing An Instagram Giveaway And Here Is How You Can Win A Bunch Of Free Sh*t

Who doesn’t love free things? I love free sh*t okay. That’s a lot of why I do influenster stuff because hey, free stuff is good. Well maybe it’s the new Drake video, maybe it’s my manic mindset, or PERHAPS I’M DOING A COLLAB WITH MERMAID HAIR EXTENSIONS BUT I WANT TO GIVE YOU FREE MAKEUP.Continue reading “I’m Doing An Instagram Giveaway And Here Is How You Can Win A Bunch Of Free Sh*t”