#MusicMonday: El verano se está calentando con nueva música

I’m sure it seems as though I like writing about how nice the weather is just as much as I like going outside to enjoy it. Much like my high school days in the Summer with all soca parties, I see a reboot of that with Latin made/inspired music. We’re all still pretty sick of Despacito I’m sure (okay I’m not…) but there is no doubt that tracks like ‘Havana’ take you to a place of warmth in your mind. Newcomers like Camila Cabello, and Cardi B enrich their music with an obvious presence and inspiration from their Hispanic backgrounds. While legends like J Lo, and former Disney princess Selena Gomez continue to do the same.

I am the type of person to associate music with times in my life, moods I was in, and yes the weather too. Sounds like this, inspired by the various artists’ cultures seem to transport me to my short time in The Dominican, my memories with correlation to the culture from my childhood. And truthfully the music makes me want to PARTY and just feel GOOD.