Cinema Sunday: Hatchet (2006)

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I’m going to pretend Halloween is not over, because in my heart it never is and I refuse to believe otherwise.
On with this week’s pick; I went for another slasher because I’ve been all over them this month. My chosen film this week was actually suggested by director-producer-writer and all around cool guy Dave Ricci (@davidfossricci on Twitter). A comedy-slasher that was followed by a couple of sequels this week’s pick is Hatchet.


GENRE: Horror/Slasher/Comedy
Rated: R

The film takes place in New Orleans, which if you’re into the history of voodoo the location will have already grabbed your attention. During a tour of “haunted swamps” a group of attendees find themselves lost,stranded and scared in the wilderness. If lost in the wilderness doesn’t already spell trouble the tourists find themselves being terrorized by a hatchet loving killer.


The Bayou based film’s villain “Victor Crowley” certainly became a favourite for me. And not just because his last name brought out my not so secret Supernatural fangirl, but because the killer is played by a horror legend Kane Hodder who is best known as Jason Voorhees in films 7-10. I had a few other fan girl moments when I saw Robert Englund (fellow horror legend, Freddy Krueger) and everyone;s favourite blonde bimbo vampire Harmony (Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s Mercedes McNab).
The trailer for the film actually makes the slasher look like it’s going to be serious which I was pretty surprised with prior to watching the film.
I’m pretty excited to check out the sequels soon too, a marathon is in order.


9 hatchets out of 10

Who Should Watch?

hatchet enthusiasts
Jemmye Caroll
Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans

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2 thoughts on “Cinema Sunday: Hatchet (2006)

  1. Hatchet is incredible, I’ve probably watched it over a dozen times. I had no idea there was sequels though, gonna check them out!

    Old School American Horror!


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