#TMITuesday: 10 Questions with Bad Girls’ Club Alumni Florina Kaja

Like all contestants on Oxygen’s “Bad Girls Club’ upon first meeting this week’s TMI Tuesday feature you may have thought there was no hope to reform this bad girl. Years later and season ‘s Flo is now a mother, singer, wife, author, and LGBT right’s activist. I sat down to ask the former bad girl, and runner-up of Bad Girls Club All Star Battle about reality TV, motherhood, celebrity bad girls, and of course find out what she’s working on now.


1. During your time on Bad Girls Club what did you learn about yourself?
I learned that even though girls will be cruel I’ll always defend myself and never back down and I will never stop giving regardless of their actions! 
2. As a singer if you could do a track with anyone who would it be and why?
I def would have to say Nas cuz he’s a Virgo and I always love his flow! 

3. During your season of Bad Girls Club you came out as bisexual, how important was it for you to do that?
flo1It was very important because I wanted to be a voice for the Lgbt community and continue representing them after the show! And show young people the only reason people will hold u back is because your not letting go and being honest with yourself! 

4. A lot of young celebrities are caught up in the media and end up with DUIs, etc. Which young celebrity would you send to Bad Girls Club?

Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes

5. Since today is #TMITuesday is there anything about you that you can tell readers that they may not already know about you?

I’ve never had a threesome

6. What would you say is your “theme song”? 

    Trouble by Taylor swift 

7. What advice would you give to your daughter Elliana on how to behave after your time on Bad Girls Club? 

To not show your body in order to get attention you don’t have to be lose, and always fight for your rights and never let anyone bully you! 

8. Do you believe you should have gotten 1st place instead of Jenniffer Hardwick on Bad Girls All Star Battle?

Well people don’t see it because Oxygen wouldn’t allow it but me and Jennifer agreed to split the money and she did me dirty at the end she changed her mind; Oxygen let it look like I was mad about losing, I didn’t care I fought hard to be at the end and it was harder for me to get there but I believe God has a plan for everyone and that was her destiny and mine is way bigger than one check.  I love life and have no hate for anyone not even Jenn!

9. Do you watch any other reality TV shows?

Love and Hip Hop, The Real Housewives, and Marriage at First Sight! 

10. What’s next for you Flo?

A lot, I’m writing my book and shopped it to some publishing companies and thy love it, also my music I’m now starting to release music, and I want to eventually help many people who suffer from bipolar disorder, depression, suicide and more I am passionate about speaking out to people and telling them not to give up because I’ve been through it all and I’m still here I want them to do the same and believe me if I can do it anyone can! I love my fans because they all are a piece of me and they relate to me because they are just like me and I love to be there for them no matter if it takes me all day I will never stop loving them and responding to them and talking to them about my personal life even if it’s embarrassing beause my story can help others and that’s gods plan for me! I’m the ghetto mother Theresa! I love and always will love everyone and wanna change the world! Now that I’ve changed myself I can help them too! 

 BGC dirt: the new season casting is looking for bad girl SISTERS!
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