#TMITuesday: 10 Questions with Are You The One 2’s Shelby Yardley

With a new season of MTV’s widely popular competitive dating show Are You The One on the way, I sat down to ask season 2 alumni Shelby Yardley about her time on the show. Yardley and I chat about the show, love songs, and more in this week’s TMITuesday interview!


1. What has your life been like since your time on Are You The One 2?

My life has actually been fairly relaxed since the end of the show. I did some traveling to visit cast mates but other than that I work as a sales associate saving up money to move, basically just living a normal life right now. My cast mate Ellie lives with me so that’s been fun too!

2. You were one of the unfortunate few who had a match (Curtis) who had his heart set on another housemate. In the honeymoon suite how did you deal with that?

I did get the short end of the stick when it came to that. It was actually a lot harder than I thought it would be. My ultimate goal was just to get to know the guy since I didn’t get to in the house and explore as much of the place as I could. I respected Curtis and Bri’s relationship and stood by the fact that I wasn’t going to put myself between them but the whole process did become a difficult situation for both Curtis and I when we started to get to know each other and saw why we were a match.

3. Since today is TMI Tuesday can you tell the readers anything about you that they may not already know?

My favorite place ever is Disney World and I love video games, I’m still a 12 year old at heart!

4. Do you keep in touch with any of the AYTO2 cast still?

Definitely! I still talk to of course Ellie since she’s my roommate, but also Garland, Paris, Bri, Alex (the guy) and Dario.

5. Since you appeared on a show about finding love, what is your favourite love song?

Oh man that’s tough because I love so many songs but I would have to go with Rolling Stone by Niykee Heaton!

6. Do you watch any other reality shows? 

Of course! Some of my favorites are The Challenge, Vanderpump Rules, & Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge.

7. It was revealed on the show that your parent’s are a same sex couple, how important was this for you to reveal to your potential match, and housemates? 

It was extremely important to me because not only are they the most important people in my life, but there’s also the fact that some people still do not approve and/or aren’t comfortable with it. I like to make sure I bring it up to someone I want to potentially open up to so that I can make sure there wouldn’t be any future issues that arise.


8. How would you have handled yourself as the “11th girl” on the show?

Christina handled it like a boss! I’m honestly not sure I would have been able to handle it as well as she did.. I would have been a nervous wreck every week waiting to hear if I was going home or not so I definitely would have tried to win challenges and get into the truth as many times as possible before other girls got to!

9. Who would you say is your celebrity “perfect match”?

My celebrity perfect match would probably be Liam Hemsworth. He’s tall, attractive, has a sense of humor, well spoken, seems like a great guy, and let’s not forget the Australian accent! I’m ready to hit the truth booth with him any day now…

10. What’s next for you Shelby?

I’m currently saving up to move to LA sometime in the next month or two to pursue my acting career. My goal is to eventually become a successful actress and move away from the reality side of television and more towards the film side. I’m very excited to get out of Kansas to be able to work towards my dreams and see what the future has in store!