#FitnessFriday: 30 Minute Workout with Vicky Pattison

Over the last few years we’ve watched reality TV and fitness star Vicky Pattison get into serious shape. With the success of her fitness DVD ‘7 Day Slim’, and her supplement line ‘Mini V Nutrition’ Pattison has endured her fair share of media scrutiny, and personal turmoil/triumph.

This week’s post is a 30 Minute Workout featured on the Mini V Nutrition website. A solid mixture of cardio, and resistance to be paired with a healthy diet.  Vicky and Mini V Nutrition are also holding a contest with this workout:

I’m giving away a FREE Mini Burn to the person who completes this workout and takes a picture of themselves once complete”  – Vicky Pattison

• Jumping jacks x 2 minutes

• Side lunge (use dumbbells) x 24 reps.

• Step forward & back x 2 minutes.

• Jump rope x 1 minute

• Squats x 50 • Lunges x 1 minute

• Flutter kicks x 1 minute

• Push-ups x 20 reps.

• Vertical leg crunches x 30 seconds

And be sure to check out my product review of Mini V Nutrition here


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