Mama Sins Survivor: Kaoh Rong Episode 2 Recap


Yo gurl Mama Sin is back with an all new episode recap and she goes innnnn on some of the cast, Okay she gets mom-level shady but you get the point.

Beauty Tribe:

1. Best bromance ever:  BMC & Tai, they cuddle at night to keep warm

2. I’m also liking BMC though I didn’t like him on Big Brother

Brain Tribe:

1. Debbie never shuts up, she is very annoying.
2. Peter looks like Obama.

Brawn Tribe:

1.Kyle is an total ass
2. Alecia was the one to make fire.
3. Jennifer is crazy.

Immunity & Reward Challenge:

1st Beauty won ultimate fishing kit (boat include)

2nd Brains won small fishing kit

Brawn tribe headed to Tribal Council

Tribal Council

Jennifer was a drama queen at TC resulting in her being voted out. #ByeJennifer

The Tribe  has spoken, and so has Mama Sin.

Stay tuned next week for an all new episode recap!