Mama Sin’s Survivor: Kaoh Rong Episode Recap

I’d post that this is a spoiler but y’all have had time to see the episode by now, so no.

After the merge and no tribal council,the first reward is for ice cream, yaaasssss

One person has to walk across the water on two pole things with flat surfaces while rest have to hold them up, then all stand on a small surface up on a high stand

Scott Nick Julia & Tai win

On to immunity balancing on a perch while holding arms above on handle.
Jeff offers a bribe of 4 pizzas, chicken & cold drinks.
Julie falls seconds before Jeff is back.
Scot, Jason, Joe and Michele all jump off.
Then down goes the rest one by one.
After 40 minutes only Cydney & Tai left.
Cydney goes down & Tai wins immunity!

Nick is over confident, plan is to split the vote between Debbie & Aubrey.
Cydney not on board talks to the women about voting out Nick.

Tribal Council
First member of the jury Neal

Cydney is still unsure how she will vote.
Men getting really sure of themselves.

Time to vote

Aubrey 2 votes
Debbie 1vote
Jason 1 vote
Nick 4 votes

7th person voted out Nick
The Tribe has spoken