The Real World Bad Blood: Love Outside of Seattle

This season of the Real World has a crazy twist, FOURTEEN roommates, an has already seen hookups, and breakups. Like Jenny and Brian (who kind of don’t count because they met before the show), Sean and Pedro, and rare other RW couples one of the couple from the 32nd season of the hit MTV reality show is making it work outside of the Seattle house.

Image result for the real world bad blood jennifer and peter

Peter (Mike’s bad blood/ex roomie), and Anna (Katrina’s bad blood/sister)  who were both brought in as part of the Bad Blood twist seemed to hit it off instantly, but when the bad blood ladies were chatting on the dock about ho they fancied I a Jennifer (Robbie’s bad blood/ex) with a reluctant interest in Peter too.

With a boyfriend outside of the house, Jennifer did her on thing as Anna and Peter had things heat up and seemed inseparable. Unfortunately for Peter, Katrina was not a big fan of #PeterPAnna and the two split up in a super awkward park break up by Anna.

Last week, things started to look up for Peter, and he lived up to his Romeo last name by hooking up with our dear Jen. Okay it was a kiss/make out but one that enough to have Jen feel guilty and call her man back home and tell him what happened. It all worked out in the end, and it seems as though #Jeter / #Petifer became the new power couple in the house as T and Theo fought like always. But we all want to see showmances make it out of reality TV into reality, a nice happy ending. Jennifer posted this gem of her ‘little family’ on Instagram on Thanksgiving:

It seems as though the to are making it work, an that Jen is ROCKING A BAD ASS WEAVE (slay girl, slay). Hopefully we won’t see these two on a revival of The Challenge: Battle Of The Exes…

Catch The Real World: Bad Blood Wednesdays at 10pm on MTV

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