Canadian Duo Cute Whore’s New Track: Listen Here

You must know by now if you are an avid reader of my posts that I’m a fan of Cute Whore and this site is nothing short of posts that prove that. I first discovered the Toronto based duo when one of their videos was suggested to me on Youtube based on what I had viewed. I was hooked right away, and after some research on the band (yes I do that), and you know, just watching their videos, I realized the two were actors I recognized. The pop-electriconic-chip tunes sounding babes released the audio for their new song ‘SPLITZ’ yesterday so y’all should take a listen or 10:

And you can 100 percent expect me to do a post about the video when it drops, it is rumoured that fellow Degrassi alumni and all around positive human life force Melinda Shankar will be in it.