Tears Of Fear: Stephen King’s ‘IT’ Gets A Remake And I Am Already Scared

Okay so highkey: I HATE CLOWNS.

I’m a huge horror fan and have been since I was a child thanks to my dad (SHOUT OUT TO POPS Y’ALL RIP). In my lifetime I have spent so much of it trying to find a film that scared me like IT did, Jaws was the only close second. I certainly have had films that scared me but none have left the scars that Stephen King’s IT did on me. My dad used to have to hide the VHS case from me to help slow down the nightmares.

WELL THE MOVIE IS BACK AND I THINK I MAY HAVE TO CONSIDER A NIGHTLIGHT. When I first found out the movie was being remade I thought it was going to be hard to recreate the pure terror Pennywise left in me. Taking a look at this new trailer is starting make me think I might have trouble sleeping after seeing this…