12 Problematic Artists Who Have A Past We All Ignore

Before I start this piece you should I’m horribly guilty of enjoying the music of more than few of these mentioned artists. Now that I got that confession out there, and probably made you feel a little bit better about also liking some of these people I can start this list.

1. Kanye West: Once one of the dopest producers in the game Ye has now found himself in a MAGA hat screaming about Trump, and making terrible looking clothing. Almost now better know as Mr.Kim Kardashian, Kanye spends most of his time on Twitter rants. I still f*ck with his music and for that, I’m (sort of) sorry.

Image result for azealia banks
Azealia Banks & Kanye West

2. Justin Bieber: Although a man of God now, and happily married to Hailey Baldwin (yeah, he married a Baldwin) the Stratford native caught some unwanted press when a video of him surfaced spewing the N word. I still rock that Stadium tour merch though…

3. Azealia Banks: The list of the ‘212’ artist’s homophobic and racist rants are pretty long, she even went after our boy Zayn Malik (is he okay btw? what happened to him? can someone check in on him thanks). But somehow she still has some fans and just keeps putting out bangers.

4. Nicki Minaj: She’s still a queen but the artist came for Cardi B, and is dating a rapist at the moment…She seemed to have spent the entirety of 2018 trying to destroy her own career.

Image result for iggy azalea
Iggy Azalea

5. XXXTentacion: The rapper who I will only listen to in a Noah Cyrus track had many charges against him in his short life, and at one point kept the mother of his children locked in their home, and sexually assaulted her with a BBQ fork.

6. 6ix9ine aka Tekashi: Soon to be someone’s prison b*tch the rapper who looks like he was beaten up by a bag of Skittles faced charges in 2015 for a one count felony of Use of a Child in a Sexual Performance. Now facing more charges with the FBI for unrelated lawbreaking.

7. Iggy Azalea: The Aussie rapper who should probably just be a model has lyrics that refer to black slavery, and is often accused of cultural appropriation.

8. Chris Brown: The level of sadness I felt when I realized I liked yet another song with him in it was not something I wanted to feel. Brown found himself in some hot water when he was revealed to be the Bobby Brown of our generation after beating up then-girlfriend and now Avon lady Rihanna. I’m just happy Lil Dicky didn’t actually wake up in his body.

9. Bhad Bhabie: I spent real human dollars to see this Billboard top rapper who gained fame from being a little sh*t one time on Dr. Phil. Not only is she not even 17, but shes had multiple charges, and threw a drink at #7 on this list at a Fashion Nova party in late 2018.

10. G-Eazy: Young Gerald will forever be hated by me for cheating on my queen Halsey but he will also be hated by European police authorities for being caught with cocaine while there in 2017. He also pulled a Machine Gun Kelly and tried to gain some popularity as a white rapper by coming for Eminem.

11. R-Kelly: He married a 14-year-old. No thats really just the start of his wrongdoings. He’s been investigated for being the leader of a cult and holding women, essentially, hostage. I don’t care about him having a urine fetish, I do care if its on A CHILD.

12. Jimmy Paige: Kidnapped and raped a 14 year old girl , and hes a rock ICON.

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