Miley Cyrus Covers Everything From Arctic Monkeys To Britney Spears In Newly Released Videos. And like everyone else, I’m obsessed.

If you have been a Miley Cyrus fan as long as I have (Fly On The Wall is a bop don’t lie to yourself.) then you know how she can tear the house down with a cover. Starting with her ‘Backyard Sessions’ back in 2012 Cyrus blew us all away covering her godmother Dolly Parton’s hit single Jolene (seen below).

Jump ahead another 2 years and Cyrus showed us that pop and country were not the only genres that she could nail with a cover of ‘Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High‘ (a very relatable song written about Vine star and host of Love Island US Arielle Vandenberg).

And again in 2015, the former Disney Channel star reignited her Backyard Sessions series to launch her new charity, bringing with her superstar Ariana Grande.

To bring even a crumb of happiness during COVID-19 lockdown two MTV and Miley have been releasing videos of some of Miley’s best cover performances and recorded MTV Unplugged Backyard Sessions. To keep in the Halloween spirit Cyrus covered Zombie By The Cranberries and it’s…for lack of better phrasing…it’s f*cking amazing.

And if 90s classics aren’t you thing…Cyrus covered pop legend herself Britney Spears too.

Or to round it all off, it became a family affair.

If this doesn’t showcase the raw talent of Miley Cyrus then I don’t know what does.