10 Things That Happened On MTV’s The Challenge Double Agents: Episode 8

There aren’t many gold skulls left, Lolo is still a virgin and Josh is ready to go into elimination. Another solid episode this week.

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  1. Discussions of gold skulls go around following the aftermath of last week’s elimination. Nam and Lolo have another argument about strategy.
  2. Daily: Basically a ‘pole wrestle’ in 4 heats (2 men’s and two women’s) and 3 stages. Mud pit wrestling that has Lolo get “choked” by Aneesa, Nam pull a stage win, Big T and Kam wrestle and ultimately Kam and Kyle take the win.
  3. With only on gold skull for the guys and 3 left for the girls the challengers are trying to earn their ticket to the final. Lolo, CT, Nany, Josh, and Cory all want a shot at it.
  4. Kam and Kyle have different ideas of who to throw in. Kyle wants revenge on Aneesa and Fessy and Kam wants to play it smart.
  5. Amber B must choose whether to go with her Big Brother alliance or the rookies.
  6. Meanwhile, Amber M is hearing her and Mechies name again for the house vote.
  7. The house vote deliberations have Mechie saying he straight up is not ready or willing to go into elimination.
  8. We do not get to see the way that the house voted for the first time…and the Ambers confide in Kyle. Amber B says she voted for Amber M but not to tell anyone, and Amber M says she doesn’t care if she goes in but wants to know if Amber B voted for her.
  9. The house vote ends up as Amber M and Mechie, and TJ announces that its a guys elimination.
  10. Josh and Mechie do the same elimination as Tori and Aneesa with a twist. This is the second play on an elimination used this season already so I’m not sure whats going on there, but this time there is a puzzle before the player can pull the basket of balls.

    Mechie can’t solve the puzzle, and Josh can but throws like I do (which is not great if we’re being honest.). Josh ends up with his first elimination win, and a gold skull.