10 Things That Happened On MTV’s The Challenge Double Agents: Episode 9

This week Amber B has the girlies PRESSED, Burger King is back and Theresa continues to remind us what an OG IS.

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  1. The aftermath of last week’s elimination, Josh has a gold skull, and Amber M is the first female rogue agent.

Now that all the men’s skulls are gone chaos is predicted to ensue.

Kam is gunning for Theresa, while Nany wants to get her skull but not against “someone who has already beat her”.


Amber M confronts Amber B about voting her into elimination. Amber B admits to holding her allegiance to the Big Brother alliance, and that she doesn’t seem to trust Gabby.

Amber M: I know what the B stands for, backstabber.

“Amber Backstabber”

Meanwhile, Cory and Theresa talk about post-partum depression. Theresa opens up to Cory.

Amber B makes a comment in the kitchen about it feeling like “Mean Girls” and Gabby takes it personally.

    Not only is it TRIVIA but its a BURGER KING CHALLENGE

“Mission Interrogation”

In two groups Challengers are placed on a rig above freezing cold water. They are asked true or false questions, each wrong answer brings them closer to falling.
Get a question right? You can “sabotage” another player.
The winning team gets to be the double agents and win a 5K(each) BK prize.

Group 1:

Darrell: WINNER
Aneesa: DQ
Lolo: DQ
Nany: DQ
Kyle: DQ
Devin: DQ
Kaycee: DQ

Group 2:

Gabby: DQ
Fessy: DQ
Josh: DQ
Amber B: DQ
Theresa: DQ
Big T: DQ
Kam: (2 warnings for holding onto the sides of the bars) DQ
Leroy: DQ

OVERALL WINNER: Darrell & Amber B.

+they both become Whopper VIPs

4. Burger King is the real winner this episode.

5. Darrell understands that is likely a women’s elimination so he has Amber take charge.

6.DOME PARTY TIME aka scheming with diet coke time.
Gabby, Kyle, and Amber M target Theresa.

Kaycee feels confident going against Theresa.

7.Deliberation: The Theresa vs Nany feud resurfaces and Leroy points out that people should be WANTING their gold skulls.

House votes: Theresa & Cory
Votes included: Big T, CT, Nany, Kam, Kyle, Kaycee

8.Elimination at the crater: Cory and Theresa go in, Amber B & Darrell decide not to go into elimination with Amber B saying she’s not sure if it’s a headbanger or not.

They vote in Leroy and Kaycee.
TJ announces that it is a women’s elimination week.

9.“Operation Snapping Point”

Harnessed together tug o war, players must grab all 3 of their rings.

this could be a long night
cue another 80’s cover song

Winner: Kayce

10.Kaycee chooses to stick with Leroy, Making Amber M and Cory partners.

Aneesa with a pregnancy zinger at Cory.

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