BBCannedada: Meet The First 3 Evicted Houseguests From Big Brother Canada 9

This season of Big Brother Canada is only 3 weeks in and it is already more entertaining and interesting than the last 5 season of the Big Brother US. Alliances have been formed, shomances have begun and there have been flips and blindsides all before Spring has even sprung.

There are noticeable differences now that host Arisa Cox is an executive producer and these differences are good ones. This feels like old school Big Brother, old school reality TV. These houseguests are here to PLAY. They are diverse and relatable and I’m honestly finding it hard to really dislike anyone in the house enough to want them to be evicted…

However, I have no control over that and the houseguests do so over the last 3 weeks they have evicted 3 icons.

1. Julie Vu

profile picture of julie vu
Courtesy of Big Brother Canada

Julie thought she had the backing of the “dolls” (her, Austin and Breyden) to keep her in house but unfortunately that did not play out. With Julie’s team losing the first comp it made all members of the team (minus Keifer the captain) eligible for eviction. Julie tried to play a certain game and was quickly labeled as a “big mouth” after spilling secrets left and right. Unfortunately for Julie, one of those people that she blabbed to was Latoya who had no intentions of playing a sneaky game. Julie was voted out almost unanimously, with Victoria being the only houseguest not to throw vote her way.

2. Josh Farnworth

profile picture of josh farnworth
Courtesy of Big Brother Canada

Josh seemed to be on everyone’s radar from day 1 for no real reason. He played an incredible game in his short stay and made sure everything stayed MESSSSSSSY for viewers. With Austin as HOH Josh and Keifer were both put up. Keifer snagged the POV and took himself off of the block and Austin placed Bay street douche Rohan up as the replacement nominee.
While Josh had a solid pitch to stay and stirred up all he could he was voted out unanimously by the house despite Latoya’s effort to flip the votes to get Rohan out. Victoria was not on board with that flip.

3. Latoya Anderson

profile picture of latoya anderson
Courtesy of Big Brother Canada

This queen was dethroned TOO soon. Victoria became HOH following Josh’s eviction and she did not come to the house to f*ck around, she came to PLAY. Using a lie of Keifer’s to her advantage, Victoria had the house convinced that he was her target, and put Latoya on the block with him. Latoya refused to go down without a fight, played hard for the POV but lost to alliance member Jedson. Great! Shes off the block right? Not exactly. Victoria played Big Brother HARD and told Jedson that if he were to take her off of the block that she would be forced to put up Tychon or Beth. And well…it worked and the POV was not used. Latoya was voted out of the house and kept it real like she always does and hugged everyone except Victoria (we love to see it). Honestly, shes an icon, and was a strong player that really could have won.

With new HOH Keifer in power I’m excited to see what is going to happen next, who do you want to see on the block? Let me know in the comments.

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