April Reality TV Round-Up: This Is No Joke

When it comes to reality TV, I do not make a fool out of my readers; let’s take a peek at what’s coming to your screens this month.

Now there isn’t much, but aside from my birthday on the 5th, there isn’t much to really be too excited about (just take look at that Coachella line-up…)

Week of April 16, 2023

  • Dear Mama (FX, April 21, Fridays at 10). “a deeply personal five-part series that defies the conventions of traditional documentary storytelling to share an illuminating saga of mother and son, Afeni and Tupac Shakur.”
  • Chasing the Rains (BBC America, April 22). “a journey into one of the most majestic, unspoiled and rarely filmed areas in Africa.”
  • Iconic America (PBS, April 26, Wednesdays at 10). David M. Rubenstein “explores American history through a close examination of iconic national symbols”: “Fenway Park, the Hollywood Sign, the Gadsden Flag, the American Cowboy, the Statue of Liberty, the American Bald Eagle, Stone Mountain, and the Golden Gate Bridge.”

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