#TMI Tuesday: 10 Questions with MTV personality Jenny Delich

What better way to bring back TMI Tuesday (formally TMI Thursdays) than to do so with an MTV personality! You may remember this dancing blonde from The Real World: EXplosion. I sat down to ask Delich about her former roommates, ex, music, dancing, and of course the bear suit.

1. On your season of the Real World you were outgoing, in your face, and always ready to party. Do you feel this was an accurate representation of you? 

Yes I would say I’m outgoing, in your face maybe sometimes, always ready to party? Not me all the time. Naturally I am a lot more laid back. I still enjoy my music and dancing though!! 

2. You were always dancing on the show (being a go-go dancer will do that), what is your signature dance move?

I don’t know why I bust it out from time to time but I love to do Russian High Kicks.. I like to do the weird things no one expects.3. Your season of the Real World also had a first, bringing in your exes to live with you guys. You and your ex Brian saw your fair share of drama. On the reunion you guys seemed to be working things out. Where do you guys stand now?We are still together. We understand so much more about each other since the show. 🙂

4. On the first episode of the season, you and Cory had an ahem encounter while wearing a bear hat. Did the other cast members know about the involvement of the hat and end up wearing it anyways or was it deemed tainted? 

We didn’t tell the other cast members about it right away but they eventually found out, it was kinda tainted after that point.


5. Being a go-go dancer you’re, well you’re exposed to music ALL the time. What is currently on your playlist?

I don’t go-go dance currently, I switched to Bartending which is also a blast!! As far as dancing music goes, I love Calvin Harris, Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown, Tiesto, Swedish House Mafia, Deadmau5, to name a few. I also like to get down to jazz, classical, and hip hop. 
6. Do you keep in touch with any of the shows’ cast members?
Brian and I are living together again, I still talk to Ashley and Arielle here and there.jenny4
7. Since this is TMI Thursday, can you tell our readers something they may not know about you?

I’m a science nerd. I was in a biology honor society in college. I am going back to school in January for business but I still have my eye on science. Oh and that I get really embarrassed when I get recognized in public, even though it happens almost every day. 

8. Your twitter used to say that you’re an actor (we share that in common), what sort of roles are you most drawn to?

I always wanted to play the bad ass roles like Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider or Milla Jovovich in Resident Evil. Then when I get older I want to play the crazy old lady roles. 9. You’re also listed as a youtuber. Who is your favourite YouTube vlogger?Probably Jenna Marbles and Miranda Singhs, although there are a ton I’m thinking of right now and I can’t remember all the names at the moment. There are so many!! 

10. What’s next for you Jenny? What can we expect?

1. I sang in a song called Try by Rock of Ages Justin Mortelliti. The song is now available on iTunes and the music video will be out on Vevo beginning of 2015. 

2. Im going back to school for Entrepreneurial Studies at UMKC which I’m stoked about! 
3. I might go on a MTV challenge in the future. 

4. Hang with me in live broadcasts. www.hangwith.me/jennydelich

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