#TMITuesday: 10 Questions with MTV’s Are You The One’s Briana Lacuesta


In 2013 MTV premiered a brand new dating show putting emotions, connections and mental states to the test with their new show Are You The One?.
“In this dating series that uses modern technology to help people find love, 20 single men and women try to find their perfect mates. A dating algorithm is used to help quantify compatibility, using a process that includes in-depth interviews, questionnaires and compatibility testing. That data is used to identify the 10 ideal pairs among the 20 participants. But the results are kept a secret from the singles, who get to know one another socially and undergo weekly tests to try to pick their ideal mates while living together in Hawaii. If the mates they choose do not match that of the data, they must start their search over. If all 20 singles are able to match up with their predetermined partners within 10 attempts, they share the largest cash prize ever awarded by an MTV show and walk away with a potential partner for life.”

The show was so successful it was picked up for a second season and added a twist, where we met this week’s TMI Tuesday feature the lovely and I assume now BFF Briana Lacuesta.
Briana found herself falling for someone who, spoiler alert, turned out not to be her match. The feisty cast member continued on despite her beau being matched, and sent off to the secluded honeymoon suite with another cast mate. I sat down to ask Briana about the show, reality TV, mac and cheese consumption. With mentions of Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake,KD, The Sims, and the queen Lana Del Rey I’m starting to think Briana may be my match.

1. Since appearing on the show have you been in contact with any of the other cast members?

Yes I have! I was in contact with almost all of them until we filmed the reunion and now I only talk to a handful on a weekly basis. I do live with Christina LeBlanc and Jessica Andreatta know though!


2. Being TMI Tuesday and all, can you tell the readers something they may not know about you? Any hidden talents or guilty pleasures?

I don’t have any hidden talents unless eating an entire box of Kraft Mac and Cheese counts. My guilty pleasure would have to be playing The Sims 3 and hoping I have triplets every time I get pregnant. Yes, my friends think I am crazy.


3. Were you a big fan of the first season of “Are you the One?”

I was! My roommate and I started watching around the 3rd episode and we were immediately hooked.


4. If you were to hit play on your itunes itunes library right now, what song would play?

Hold on, let me check to see what song was actually playing…..I was listening to Girl at Home by Taylor Swift. Specifically I was rocking out in my car to my entire Taylor Swift Playlist, but if I were to choose a song on my itunes right now I would probably go for some Ed Sheeran or Lana. #QUEENLANA


5. On this season of MTV’s The Challenge cast members of the first season of “Are you the One” compete. Would you ever consider appearing on the show?

I would consider appearing it on definitely. I am very competitive and honestly, I know it is a bad quality but I am the world’s sorest loser. I used to be on a bowling team when I was younger and my mom has me stomping around and crying on videotape if I couldn’t get a strike. A few months ago I played tennis with my friends and ended up rage quitting because I sucked. Safe to say nothing has changed and a reason why I either would be the worst player on The Challenge or the best. haha!


6. If you could chose one artist/band to do a opening theme song for “Are you the One” who would it be and why?

Oh this is a tough one. I would choose Jimmy Fallon featuring Justin Timberlake because all of their parody songs are hilarious and I mean, lets be real, who doesn’t love Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake?!



7. How has your life changed since the show?

It really hasn’t changed much at all. I would say the biggest thing other than gaining a lot of followers was moving in with Christina and Jessica. That was definitely a life changer because I have never lived with girls before, other than when I was on Are You The One, but this is very different than living in a mansion in Puerto Rico. Oh and sometimes when I am out at bars I get noticed as the girl who got her nose busted on national television, so I guess that moment changed my life.


8. Would you ever go on another dating show?
Ya know, I have thought about this before and I really don’t know. Being on a dating show is very personal and people really get to see your vulnerable side and I don’t like that. When you are trying to date someone or get to know someone you literally put everything out on the table for the world to see and for the world to judge and I think some things are meant for just you and your significant other and not everybody else. I wouldn’t mind having my own show because it wouldn’t be surrounded around who I am dating, so then it could be based off of my life and dating would just be one small part of it. At this point of my life, I probably would not go on another dating show, but I guess you never know because in 20 years I could still be single and go on some dating show for cougars.

9. Do you feel your personality was represented accurately on the show?

I think I was represented accurately, yes. I also think that I have a lot of different sides to me that people didn’t see. On the show I was really into Curtis, so you guys got to see more of the sensitive, mushy, and loving me. I’m single now, and a lot of fans have told me I act a lot different now than I did on the show, and I mean come on! I’m single! I am allowed to party and get crazy with my roommates who are also my best friends! I am still the girl I was on the show and one day when I am back in a relationship people will get to see that again. Until then, people are just going to have to settle for this side of me.


10. Any up coming projects? What’s next for you?
Me and my roommates started a YouTube Channel called “The Goon House” but it isn’t anything serious, it really is just for fun. I don’t really know what is next for me, at this point I am like Pocahontas just following the colors of the wind or whatever she does with the colors of the wind, that is what I’m doing. Maybe you’ll see me back on tv or maybe I’ll start my own clothing line or maybe I’ll open my own pizza restaurant. Who knows?


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