#CinemaSunday: Varsity Blood (2014)

ITS CINEMA SUNDAY BUT ALSO SUPERBOWL SUNDAY AND I’M PUMPED! Y’all cheering for the Pats or Seahawks? (Tweet me and let me know! @thenikkisin) So naturally I had to choose a film with some sort of sports theme, I stuck with a favourite stereotype for horror: JOCKS. This week’s pick is “Varsity Blood”. #GoWildCats



Genre: Horror/Slasher 
Rating: R

Gimme an M! Gimme a U! Gimme an R! Gimme a D! Gimme an E! Gimme another R! What does that spell? MURDER!

A group of stereotypical jocks, and cheerleaders head to a spooky Halloween party at a farm (if i didn’t have you at this, then I don’t know what you want from a High School slasher ok), and are targeted and killed by a vicious killer disguised as their very own mascot! Brilliant.

Fun fact:  The film features a Canadian horror actress Debbie Rochon who nabbed #8 in Playboy’s top 50 Sexiest Scream Queen list.


The film got some pretty harsh reviews, but I actually really liked it. It sort of has a Scream (the first one) vibe to it. And the mascot is creepy, and borderline racist (which I could do without tbh). If I had a fear of people in costumes I would probably cry most of the film.


8.5 creepy mascots out of 10

Who Should Watch This?

your school mascot
That girl that said “I miss high school”
my profs
your profs
Jessica Simpson, because what else is she really doing?