#TMI Tuesday: 10 Question’s with The Real World: Skeletons’ Bruno Bettencourt

 On the last season of MTV’s longest running reality series cast members were shocked with a twist. The cast were blind sighted when producers of the show had arranged to have their exes move in. On the 30th season it seems MTV was up to no good again, when they introduced a new twist this time around. Week by week the cast members have their enemies, the people they tried to leave behind, move in with them. Forcing them to deal with what they thought they had gotten away from.
Included in the original cast is this week’s feature, the “ladies man” Bruno.  I sat down to ask the Real World: Skeletons cast member about reality TV, what he looks for in a woman, arm wrestling and the show.
I also assume I’m an honorary member of the wolf pack now.

1. On the show you’re part of the wolf pack alongside fellow cast members Tony, Nicole and Jason. How did that start?

The official start of the Wolfpack had been one night when Nicole, Jason and myself had be discussing certain things in Nic’s and my room. We seen that we had such a strong connection therefore then on we branded ourselves the wolf pack naturally and Nicole was alpha.

2. You and Sylvia have had your share so far on the season of flirtation, what is it like to see it all play out each week? Do any feelings come back when you see it?

It’s a little odd because her smile does get the best of me and also there’s stuff I’ve seen from the episode that I had no clue happened. So it’s a little odd  to say the least.

3. MTV’s The Challenge introduced rookies this year with cast member’s of The Real World: EXplosion. Would you consider doing a season of the challenge? If you were to, who would you want to compete with from your season of The Real World.

I would most likely would consider and I would love to compete  with Nicole.

4. Since this is TMI Tuesday, can you tell the readers something they may not know about you from the show?

I’ve actually always been a one-girl kind of guy. I have always had long-term relationships despite  the show portraying me as a player.( Although when I’m single I do have my fun.)

Cast Shot

5. Who would win in an arm wresting match, you or Nicole?

Nicole couldn’t beat me with two arms.

Nicole, this sounds like a challenge to me.

6. Are you a fan of any other reality shows?

Just MTV’s: The Challenge series I’d say.

7. How has appearing on the show changed your life?

It’s changed how certain people treat me so my views on things and how much I appreciated the experience and took it for what it is.

8. if you had to chose a theme song to describe your life what would it be and why?

Waves – Mr. probz remix 

It’s like no matter the impact of the wave or how much you’re drowning there’s always going to be the next time for air and you need to breathe and keep it moving.

9. On the show you make sure to let people see you’re a, for lack of a better term, a “ladies man”. And since I know you have a fan base what is it that you look for in a woman? (you can say 5’2 bloggers named Nikki if you’d like).

I like someone who can hold a conversation with or without their tongue in my mouth (kidding) “not really”! Also someone who’s classy and is well mannered. Dark features as well is most appealing to me.


10. What’s next for you? Any upcoming projects or events?

I’ve been getting a few bookings and stuff but ultimately I just want to do something where I’m able to help people fitness related or physical, being what I’ve been through.*

*Bruno was in an unfortunate accident that left him with leg injuries

You can catch Bruno tonight at 10pm on MTV.

Stay tuned next week for a fresh interview! Tweet me with any questions @thenikkisin

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