#CinemaSunday: See No Evil 2 (2014)


In keeping with Women in Horror Month this week’s pick is from not one, but two Canadian women in horror. What’s better than 1 Soska sister, but 2.

From the twisted twins (who found themselves in another sequel directing the letter T in the new ABCs of Death) and WWE, is a sequel to a 2006 indie flick See no Evil with the appropriately titled “See No Evil 2”.


Genre: Horror/Slasher
Rated: R

It’s always nice to see old friends, old friends like Jacob Goodnight (played by WWE Superstar Kane). And if you missed him like I did you’ll be happy to catch up with him along with the group of friends who make their way to a morgue in a birthday surprise effort for one of the friends. Breaking into a morgue late at night? What could go wrong?
Well if you think that Goodnight rising from the dead with a handy variation of tools for mass murder and a batch of new victims is wrong then my previous question has now been answered.
The film features horror fan favourite Canadian actress Katharine Isabelle (Ginger Snaps,Hannibal the TV series, Freddy vs. Jason etc) who brings her signature sexy scream queen appeal, and may or may not even straddle ol’ Jacob Goodnight at one point. And Halloween 4’s Danielle Harris as “Amy”.

FUN FACT: This is not the first time Sylvia and Jen Soska have worked with Isabelle on a film. The twins casted Isabelle as Dr.Mary Mason in their 2012 indie cult classic “American Mary”

Plus! The Twins’ next film set for release with the WWE starring the Undertaker in a prison film titled “Vendetta”.


I would suggest watching the first See No Evil to get a back story on the film’s killer Jacob Goodnight and why he is the way he is; as this film is less of that. That aside the sequel is far more visually appealing and the kills are pretty solid. This is defiantly not a film you can let your little sibling watch just because they begged to stay up late with you.
The film has this great way of being appealing to a lot of different people; WWE fans, fangirls/boys (of course),even fans of the TV series Hannibal.

9 infinitely lasting visuals of Katharine Isabelle straddling Kane out of 10.

Who Should Watch This?

WWE fans
your best friend
anyone you know who laughed when you watched Cinderella Story (Katharine we forgive you ok)
Selena Gomez