#ThrowbackThursday: 10 Questions with Dj/Producer Alex Prospect

One of the coolest things about interviewing for my blog is all the people I talk to from around the world. This week’s throwback is from February 2014.

Winner of Breakthrough DJ and Breakthrough Producer in the 2013 Hardcore Heaven Awards DJ and producer Alex Prospect has made name for himself in the hardcore music scene in the worldwide. In the summer of 2013 Alex set off for his first North American tour, stopping in Toronto, Brooklyn, and more playing sold out shows throughout the continent. He took some time out of his busy schedule to talk to me about music, some of his hidden talents, and highlights of his tour.

1. You recently finished your North American tour, how do the crowds differ from here and your homeland of the UK? 

A few of the shows here(in North America) have been 16+ events so it’s a younger and extremely enthusiastic crowd here. The passion and knowledge of the music is the same over here too so I found for most the shows I didn’t have to play my set too differently to how it is in the UK.

2. On that tour, what was your favourite place to play and why?

Arrgh that’s a hard question. I enjoyed all the shows but you guys in Toronto probably win! You had a cool venue and a great crowd. DJ-ing on the Brooklyn rooftop was definitely an experience too.

3. I’ve seen on your social media feeds that you’ve been working on some new music, what can your fans expect?

I’ve got a new solo track called ‘Dedicated’ that has been getting a great response from the teasers. I’ve put online so looks like it’ll be one of my hits for this year. I’ve also got a new Collaboration with Joey Riot called ‘DJ Turn It Up’ which is a cool blend of both our styles. I’ve previewed it in my USA/Can Tour YouTube Aftermovie. 

4 Here at The Wax Museum we have a weekly feature also written by me, a film review titled “Cinema Sunday”; What are some of your favourite flicks and why?

‘Limitless’ is my favorite film. It makes me want to go and conquer the world every time I see< it.

5. Since its TMI Thursday, can you tell our readers something they may not already know about you?

I can’t ride a bicycle, however I CAN ride a Unicycle.

6.Another weekly feature on our site is “My City” where guest bloggers give a virtual tour of their city abroad. Whats your favourite party spot in South Hampton where you previously lived?

 My favorite part of Southampton was living in a house with 6 other producers/DJs. It was a very creative time and a great way to improve at music quickly. The city is pretty cool, it’s got some good clubs and events on.

(If you’re planning on checking out any parties in South Hampton: http://www.discoversouthampton.co.uk/visit/nightlife)

7. Is there any genre of music our readers would be surprised you’re into/draw inspiration from? 

Yes!! Deep House. Can’t get enough of it at the moment. My track Dedicated that I said about before has Deep house influences that are maybe not overtly apparent but they are there. (As well as Hip Hop and festival EDM influences of course)

8.Recently EDM has gained a prime time show category at music award shows, is this a step in the right direction for the genre in your opinion?

   Yes I think its positive. I’m personally not too into some of the new ‘EDM’ stuff but I’m glad dance music has arrived at a place where it can be commercial and underground.
9.Whats your favorite part about your job?

Long studio days, DJ-ing, traveling, the marketing side. I love it all to be honest. I can’t have one without the others. For example, as soon as I get a new tune idea going on in the studio I’m already thinking about how it will fit in my DJ set and how I can market it.

10. Whats next for you?

  The biggest switch coming up for me is I’m going to live in Ibiza in April of this year. Which some people may think is a strange decision just as things are really starting to snowball for me in the UK. However I think that whilst I may be missing out on some UK opportunities the opportunities in Ibiza will be invaluable and will give me a global network. I’d like to make it clear that I WILL STILL BE COMING BACK FOR SELECT UK GIGS (so don’t worry UK ravers :)) !

Stay tuned next week for another interview from my archives!

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