#TMITuesday: 10 Questions with photographer Lane Dorsey

Although I adore interviewing the MTV family, I do interview people who are not associated with the network, and this week’s feature is just that! This man-bun rocking, moment capturing Canadian artist is a true talent. You Degrassi fans already know his work. His work has been featured in Harold: Luxury for Men,Missy/Ink, Buzzfeed, and shoots with stars like Cassie Steele,Munro Chambers, Luke Bilyk, and past #TMI interviewee Melinda Shankar.
My TMI Tuesday feature this week is photographer Lane Dorsey. We sat down to discuss photography, rap music, some man-bun tips, and basically become best friends. Check it out!


1. Who or what got you started in photography?

   More or less, my grandfather. Back when I was a little guy growing up (age 7ish) I would borrow my grandfather’s camera to take pictures of things around the house. The act of physically photographing something really had my interest. Making the common, something pretty to look at was my main interest. But at that time, I’m sure I just did it to take ‘cool’ pictures haha.
It wasn’t until I graduated High School and bought my first camera I became all about that Foto Lyfe, gnome sayin?

LaneDorsey62. Aside from capturing gorgeous moments in photo form, what else do you like doing?
     My main thing before photography was actually skateboarding, and I try to skate with the homies whenever I can. Among that, I really enjoy music—creating it and enjoying it. Movies are cool too.


3. Your profession/passion involves a lot of editing time, assuming you don’t like to sit in a silent room while editing, can you tell the readers some of the tracks on a typical editing playlist for you?
(photo to the right: actor Luke Bilyk)
      Most of the time I actually split screen my setup. I run a movie or TV show as just ‘white noise’ to have on in my secondary screen. So that being said, I just crunched through a Japanese Anime series from 2004 called Samurai Champloo. Amazing series.
But I’ve really been into Dom Kennedy lately. His sound just reminds me of the vibe out in LA. Which is super cool.    


4. I creeped your social media game, anyone who says they don’t cyberstalk is probably lying. Anyways, you’re a rocker of the man bun any man-bun tips for male readers looking to get in on the style?

I dunno, haha, just always have an extra hair tie I guess. I mainly throw it up in a bun just out of efficiency. My hair just gets everywhere..All the time haha. Can’t drive, eat, work on the computer, photograph, skate, or run with my hair down.. So, as I said earlier, have two hair ties at all times!

5. You directed a few rap videos for Canadian artist Deph Naught who is seen in the image shot by you to the right ( I could babble on about his time on Degrassi but I won’t). I myself am a huge rap/hip hop fan, are you into that genre? If so who do you listen to?

I find that my tastes are as two streams:

Stream one is your typical more mainstream stuff.
(Artists such as Action Bronson, A$AP Rocky, Joey Bada$$, Earl Sweatshirt, Riff Raff, Yung Lean, and Spooky Black to name a few)
      Stream two is that good ol fashioned 90’s-2k hip-pop from the East Coast (and west coast).
(Artists such as Tribe Called Quest, MF DOOM, Black Moon, Mobb Deep, Mos Def, Sean Paul, and J-Dilla)

6. What has been your favourite shoot to date?
    Honestly, I can’t even put one on that level. I have so many good ones with amazing people, it’s incredibly hard to pick that ONE favourite. BUT – recently I’ve really been stoked about anything I do in LA. It’s a different shooting style I work with down there, and it’s a little challenging, but just as much fun!


7. As a photographer, how do you feel about Instagram? Do you feel the app distorts photos and destroys them, or do you think it’s just a fun photo sharing app?
   Instagram can make or break a photographer. Social media is suuuuch a useful tool, I mean, you may as well work hard at it and stay current. You never know who’s watching!
I think it’s great! It gets my work across the world and in front of thousands of new eyes! What can be wrong with that? haha

8. If you had to choose one place to live would it be Toronto, LA, or NY? I’m basing this on your Instagram posts over the last few months.
I would think that Toronto would be home, for now. BUT –  I would love to be based out of LA and NYC. My 3 favourite places!

9.  What could we find on your “recently watched by Lane” section on Netflix?
Yu-Gi-Oh, Kill Bill, Trailer Park Boys, and The Boondocks.

10. What’s next for you? Any upcoming projects?
   I have a few things up my sleeve, haha.  I want to work with more ‘household names’ this coming year. But other than that, just gunna keep doin’ what I’m doin’! 

LaneDorsey4   Fun fact: Lyle Lettau seen in the shot above on the right plays “Tristan” on Degrassi, the younger brother of previously mentioned rapper Deph Naught.
To the left is real life BFF and former on screen BFF to Lettau actor Oliva Scriven

For more of Lane’s and to book a shoot with him visit his website www.lanedorsey.com

& stay tuned next week for another #TMITuesday interview next week, an interview from my archives this Thursday for #ThrowbackThursday, and a brand new film review for #CinemaSunday!