#ThrowbackThursday: 10 Questions with The Real World: EXplosion’s Jamie Larson

Let’s get nostalgic again, with another #throwbackThursday interview from my time at The Wax Museum! As much as most don’t want to admit it most of us watch reality TV good or bad; One of the forerunners and longest running reality TV shows in history MTV’s The Real World with the simple premise of 7 strangers moving in together and getting real took a different turn for its 29th season. Part way through the duration of the stay of the roommates, their exes move in. I sat down to talk reality TV, music, and of course the show with The Real World: Explosion’s resident rational thinker/all around bad ass babe Jamie Larson

1. As a reality show cast member you see a different side of things, do you watch any other reality shows with what you know/have experienced ? 

I used to watch Jersey Shore and I’m not going to lie I do love me some Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. But other than that I’m more of a movie person! 

2. Any fans of The Real World know that following each season of the show “The Challenge” has a new season that airs and more often than not cast members from the latest batch of Real Worlders are casted; Would you consider being on the show? 

YES! I would absolutely love to do a Challenge! Sign me up:]
3. Since this is “#TMI Thursday” can you tell the readers something they may not know about you/ won’t find out in upcoming episodes of the show?

Hmmmmm Something that they may not know about me is that i drink out of bowls. Haha I know thats weird, but i would prefer to drink out of a bowl than a cup! I did it so much in the house but I doubt it will be aired a haha.

4. If you had known about the exes twist beforehand would you still have gone on the show? 

Honestly? Yes I probably would have done the show. Who is going to turn down being on a TV show, lets get real! And I’m really good in awkward situations believe it or not!

5. The majority of the Wax Museum dream team is made up of DJs/producers (in fact I’m the only one who isn’t haha) so music is important to us, can you tell the readers what you listen to?
Music is very important in my life as well! I literally listen to everything but some of my favorites would have to be EDM, Country and Rock. Loooove me some Dash Berlin and Avicii, to Four Year Strong and Parachute, and can’t forget the legendary George Strait!! 

6. Keeping with the music topic, put your music library on shuffle, and tell me the first 3 songs that come on; How did each song make you feel? 

1. After The Storm by Mumford and Sons: One of my favorite songs, It seriously keeps me going when i am down! Reminds me that everything will be okay in the end!

2. Don’t You Worry Child by Calvin Harris: Always have loved this song, but this was pretty much our theme song living in the house! I listened to it even more when i got home after the show because it reminded me of my family i had made out there!!

3. Goodnight Moon by Go Radio: Ohhhh love! Hahah everyone knows i love love, and this song explains it! 

7. Whats different about your life following your Real World experience? 

The difference in life after the Real World is more exciting i guess you can say! I’m getting to meet a lot of amazing people, and fans! It’s weird going to work at the bars, or just going out and partying and being noticed! But I’ve literally just been working, and spending time with friends and loved ones!

8. Describe this season of the real world in 3 words:

Emotional, psychotic, Humorous .
9. You also have an online advice column (@4evershameless), what advice would you give each cast member if you weren’t also a cast member? 

<em>After reading this, know I am the worst at taking my own advice haha! So bare in mind that this is just my personal perspective. Its really hard to do as well because so many of them have worked on all of these things already!

Some Advice I’d give to cast members:
Ashley- I really think she needs to face her demons. In the show she explained how she felt like she was getting picked on again just like in high school, and if that’s where all her crazy behavior was stemming from she should really try and sit down and work that stuff out. 

Jenny- Don’t let guys get the best of you. She seems to get emotionally attached to her past and it seems to effect her in the now. She needs to not let what happen in her past relationships scar her for future ones.

Cory-The one thing I could say is that he needs to let the haters and shit talkers just pass him by. Not get so worked up on peoples negative actions. But let me just say he worked on this soooo much in the house and it really showed!

Jay- If you are going to commit commit, you never know what you have until its gone! You can’t have your cake and eat it too. But you already know thiiiiis.

Fun Fact: Jay, and Thomas both appear on this season of The Challenge: Battle of The Exes 2

Thomas-To not over analyze situations. He tends to think negatively about situations or like he likes to call himself (being a realist) but he just needs to let things go sometimes, and not get so worked up about situations!

Arielle- To not worry so much about what people say about her! A lot of people in this world will talk crap about someone out of jealousy or envy she just needs to brush that isshhhh off!! She’s too good for that.

And alllll of the above I need to work on myself! No body is perfect though.
10. Whats next for you?   

   After the show, who knows what I will do! Probably a Challenge and definitely some more modelling! I’d like to dip my hands into possibly being on another show or hosting one!

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