#ThrowbackThursday: 10 Questions with Muay Thai Fighter Angelina Musicco

“You fight like a girl” is a common phrase that we’ve all heard at least, whether is be directed at ourselves or not. But if you’re going to “fight like a girl” you want to be doing it like this week’s ThrowbackThursday interview is withAngelina Musicco, a professional Muay Thai fighter. We sat down to talk about her other occupation, Hello Kitty, a bit of Kardashian talk, and of course: ASS KICKING in this early 2014 interview

1. Your instagram handle is a clever play on words paying homage to Sanrio’s Hello Kitty, if you could design fitness gear for the brand what sorts of items would you design?

    My fitness brand, Hello kitty meets Rebel 8, meets Under Armour, not too much pink, and maybe a black eye on Hello Kitty. I cant live without my compression shorts, I would love a black eyed cat logo on them. hmm, maybe on my mouth guard too.

2. You’re clearly into fitness, what are some small exercises our readers can do to start to get into shape?

Body weight all the way! I have recently changed my routine from heavy lifting to training with bodybychosen.com. These boys are super intense. This will make me sleeker, faster and stronger. All things that will improve my performance training and in the ring. SQUAT, SQUAT,SQUAT, !!! Proper slow push ups where your chest touches the ground and my newest challenge the pull-ups. Any of the exercises can be done in any park setting and will make you strong as hell. All three of these exercises can be modified from beginner to extremely advanced.

3. You’re not just a fighter, you’re also a hair stylist. What have been some of your favourite hair styles in celebrity fashion lately?

Kim Kardashian naked on the back of Kanyes bike?(in his latest video “Bound 2”) Was I the only one loving her hair colour? I spend hours on IG checking out the #ombre to see the disasters of what people are doing to themselves at home. Please leave it to the professionals, a proper hair colour is a work of art and always make sure there is a in depth consultation first. I still am loving the pastels, pink, purple and teal.

4. Whats your favourite part about being a muay thai fighter? 

Favorite part? Its definitely not a easy life that I have chosen for myself, I have no social life, I don’t drink, and my bed is my favorite place. I miss out on a lot of stuff, But it truly completes me. Nothing feels better than stepping out of the ring after a good fight, its truly better than any rush from any drug. A good session with my trainer, just as fulfilling. The family aspect is what keeps me connected. I have the thai word for family tattooed on my arm.

5. The Wax Museum is home to not one, but 4 international DJs/producers, if you could choose one popular EDM artist to fight who would it be and why?

My instinct automatically goes to Deadmaus..LOL! But that would be too easy with a heads that large!

I defineataly pick Diplo and his clan, he would at least have a bit of fight in him, and hes got good back up…If I lose (which I wouldn’t) maybe I could settle into a nice wifey head of security position with him. Keep the twerkers at bay.

6. Your career in muay thai has brought you all over the world it seems, where has been your favourite place to visit?

      Anyone who knows me knows my answer to this. THAILAND. I have been 8 years in a row, spending over a year of my life there. I love the culture, food and all of the training. I have met some of the most amazing people there, had some of the hardest fights, and dealt with the lonliest of times. I have too many stories..I have swam with baby elephants, been tattooed for protection by monks in a temple, and fought for the King of Thailand on his birthday in a field on a military base the only foreigner there, my corner didn’t show up so I had a girl corner me who 9 days earlier knocked me out. I won that fight by Knee KO.

7. Since its TMI Thursday, can you tell our readers something they may not know about you?
I don’t smoke or drink, but I am a absolute advocate for medical marijuana for athletes. Edible goodies for pain relief.. I’m pretty good in the kitchen too

8. How do you feel it differs for you as a fighter being female as compared to a male fighter?

It is a difficult path. Not so much in Toronto, but Thailand is still hard, some gyms still don’t allow women in the ring, to even touch it. We are bad luck you know. LOL, it is just how it is over there, you cant change 1000’s of years of history.We aren’t always taken seriously. But then we work harder. There are still some obstacles to over come here, but I think the strength is either in you or its not. We are emotional creatures, its engraved in us.Its not natural to fight so We overcome. Its worth it.

9. Whats your go-to healthy snack?

   MBar: a vegan nut bar made with molasses coconut and seeds, 14g protein….and dark chocolate almonds mmmmmm…

10. Whats next for you?

 Heading into busy season at working, making dolla bills for my next trip to Thailand, excited for Phuket!

Stay tuned this Tuesday for an all new interview for #TMITuesday!


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