#CinemaSunday: Scarecrows (1988)

*NOTE: I could not find a trailer in English for this film, so please enjoy this unrelated scarecrow dance movie tutorial that had me laughing for no reason at all *

This week’s film combines all the components to have audiences yelling “don’t go that way!”. A film perfect to stay in and watch because it seems that the world has become a frozen tundra that even makes me feel bad when having pizza ordered and someone has to go outside to deliver it.
This week’s pick is the 1988 classic: Scarecrows.



A group of thieves kidnap a pilot and his daughter after a big heist and force the pilot to fly the group to Mexico. During the flight one of the thieves allows greed to take over and takes all of the money and parachutes out of the plane landing in a strange cemetery. But! Two of the other thieves follow him into the super creepy cemetery that just so happens, unbeknownst to them of course, to be filled with killer scarecrows.


This film is probably one of the first horror films I remember seeing on late night TV (back in my day we couldn’t just download what we wanted! ya hooligans!). Because of how outdated it is the film lost it’s scare appeal and is now just pretty cheesy. If you’re more scared by things jumping out and dark places then the fear may not be lost on you!


5.5 killer scarecrows out of 10.

Who Should Watch This

Your mother
that girl in your class, you know who I’m talking about
the pizza delivery guy
the Starbucks employee who spells your name wrong on purpose

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