#TMITuesday: 10 Questions with The Real World Skeletons’ Sylvia Elsrode

       As the season draws to a close tonight we all say goodbye to 7 strangers  on the most recent season of The Real World.  And we say hello to serious Real World withdrawals.This is the season we met the feisty, ride or die babe Sylvia. Love her or hate her, you remember her. (Personally I’m team Sylvia, if you know me, you know I’m blunt and vibe with blunt people).
I sat down to chat with the Real World Skeletons’ star about her roommates, the show,  reality TV, and find out what tattoo she has we didn’t know about in this week’s #TMITuesday.


1. At the start of the season you and fellow cast member Bruno (and former #TMITuesday interviewee)  had a little fling going on, what is your relationship like now, after the show has aired with Bruno?

Towards the end him and I couldn’t stand each other now that sometime has passes. I guess you could say we get along. I’ll always have a soft spot for him.

sylv22. Without music, Netflix, and other basic forms of entertainment in the Real World house, what activities/games did you and the roommates come up with during the 3 month film time?

You really have to start using your imagination we did anything from hide and seek, prank wars, told scary stories , made up dance routines. It was like we got in touch with our inner kid!

3. Do you watch any other reality TV shows? Perhaps with your fiery attitude it might be Bad Girls Club?

I actually don’t really watch any reality TV. I know its a shocker, but I don’t really have time.

4. Since today is #TMITuesday can you tell the readers something about you they might not already know?

Hmmm… I like to poop with the door open.
I also have a chili pepper tattoo in a place I’m not proud of LOL I was 16 when I got it.

It’s ok Sylv, we all have tattoos we regret. For #TMITuesday I will let you readers know that I also have a tattoo in a place my mother is not crazy about. 

sylv45. If you and RW BFF Violetta Milerman were to have your own reality show spin off what would it be called?

“When two Psychos Collide”

6. You were the first cast member to have a skeleton enter the house, what was it like for you and your boss Alicia after the show? Any tension (I’m assuming yes). Did she try to use the show to claim some fame?sylv3

Unfortunately they didn’t show the real reason Alicia and myself didn’t get along. Which is fine. When she left we left at that her leaving. We will NEVER be friends again. As far as her trying to use it as her claim to fame all the more power to her.

7. The guys in the house, along with Nicole have “The Wolf pack”. Did the other girls have anything like that? And if so how do I get in on that party?

Of Course we were the KIttyKatPack… we were obviously a lot more fun! #MEOW

Cast Shot8. Speaking of Nicole, it seems like her, and obviously Madison for sometime didn’t really seem to click with you and Violetta; was there a specific reason for that or was it simply that you (anyone not just you) can’t force friendship.

The way I see it I am who I am like it, love it, hate it I don’t really give a f**k. I say things how they are I don’t sugar coat it.  But know that if you are a friend of mine all do anything for you. I don’t like fake people or people who pretend to be something they’re not or try to play victim. We’ve all been a victim in some way before I refuse to baby someone because i never was and I’ve turned out just fine.

9. What would you say is your “theme song”?

Break the Rules- Charli XCX

10. What’s next for you? Any upcoming events, or projects?

As Far as upcoming projects… I guess you’ll just have to wait and see! I’m always down for new adventures!

You can relive Sylvia’s Real World journey by watching the entire season on MTV’s website, and follow Sylvia on twitter: @sylviaMTV

And catch a throwback interview this week with DJ/producer Mikey Palermo, and next week a brand new interview for #TMITuesday with Are You The One & The Challenge: Battle of the Exes’ Adam Kuhn !

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