#ThrowbackThursday: 10 Questions with Dj/Producer Mikey Palermo

Whether hes making it, listening to it, throwing elbows to it, dancing like a fool to it, or writing about it Toronto’s Mikey Palermo always have music in his life. I sat down with the latest member  (at the time) of the Wax Museum family to let you get to know him a little better, in just 10 questions. This 2014 interview was one of my favourites because fun fact: Mikey is one of my real life bffs!

1. You’ve gone by a few DJ/producer names in your career such as Koala Kids!,Guiding Light,BYLL GR8TS, and Driplettes, what made you choose to just go by Mikey Palermo now?

I stuck with my (real) name because I finally found a sound that I felt was me, so instead of coming up with an alias again I just went with my name.

2. Speaking of your sound, how would you define your music genre wise?

To be vague, House. I do more minimal styles of Deep & Tech House though.
3. As you know I write the weekly film review for Wax Museum, so whats YOUR favourite film and why?

I should have been prepared for a film question, it’s always a hard pick and I rotate around about 5 or so for my favourite. So I’m just going to say Black Dynamite, no film has or will make me laugh as hard every time as that movie. It has Mikey written all over it.

4. Who/or what inspires you, and your music?

Usually music I’m listening to does, and I know that I shouldn’t do that. I feel it helps me progress more as an artist if I get inspired by other artists I really enjoy listening to. Also if I go out to a club or event and see everyone having a blast that’ll inspire me to head home and work on some stuff.

Any artists in particular lately? 

I’ve  been listening to a lot of local Toronto house artists. Toronto is developing it’s own sound again which is great. Besides that pretty much anything Dirtybird or Food Music puts out

5. You’ve been working with Wax Museum for a few months now, how do you like it so far?

It’s really great, I never really wrote much before this so it’s a great opportunity for me to practice as well as force my music taste down peoples throats. Plus the team is really fun to work with and around.

6. Since this is #TMI Thursday, can you tell the readers something they may not know about you already?

I know every word to a lot of embarrassing pop songs, I actually love top 40 which is rare for a DJ. 

7. I know when I’m working on a script I have to have music playing and lots of snacks. I also always sit in the same place in my house. Do you have any rituals like that when you’re producing music?

Not really to be honest. It’s not like I can listen to music while I produce. I guess I have my rituals with my order of production, but I think that just goes with producing. I do produce a lot of music on the toilet though.

8. Put your itunes on shuffle, tell me the first 3 songs that come on.

1: Lorde – Still Sane

2: The Postal Service – This Place Is A Prison
(2.5: Sound effect from “My Name Is Macy”)

3: Claude VonStroke – Can’t Wait

9. You recently provided the sound effects and soundtrack for my latest horror short My Name is Macy, this is sort of a new thing for you too. What was that like for you? Are you happy with the way it turned out?

It was actually a lot of fun to do, I got to mess around with sounds I wouldn’t normally use but love making. I’ve always wanted to do soundtracks for stuff, so it was awesome when you asked me to. I’m never really happy with anything I do to be honest, but the final product turned out great and the music fit well! No complaints from me there.

10. Whats next for you?

   Labels, labels, labels. Hoping to really push my music this year now that I’m finally proud of where I am. I also co-founded a new event in Toronto called Tech Me Higher which is looking to take off. 
More followers on my soundcloud/twitter/instagram and likes on my facebook page  would be nice.

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