#CinemaSunday: Bee Movie (2007)

If you don’t appreciate the hilarity of this week’s choice then you should probably avoid meeting me in person, ever. This week I steered away from my typical horror-gore-thriller-low budget-live action films and went for a family film, an animated feature film at that. This week’s pick is Dreamworks’ Bee Movie. I find as I grow older, I appreciate Dreamworks/Pixar/Disney animated films more and more; This is mostly due to the hidden adult content in most of the films, I won’t even try to pretend I’m not writing this post while wearing a Toy Story sweater either.


Bee Movie is a story about, and this may shock you, a bee. Barry B. Benson (probably not related to Ashley Benson though), voiced by one of the film’s writers Jerry Seinfeld, is a recent college graduate working at <strong>Honex</strong>, a honey making factory.
Because the film would be incredibly dull without some sort of conflict, Barry dislikes his current job, and goes on a trip with coworkers to the “our” world. Not knowing what to expect Barry finds himself in a near death situation but is saved by a human named Vanessa (voiced by Academy Award winner Renee Zellweger).
Barry and Vanessa develop a bond, a bond that is frowned upon between the two’s worlds. Lots of zany and child friendly events occur and the movie is heartwarming, as well as Chris Rock’s voice at some points so that’s neat.


At one point during the production of this film there were 40 animators working on it, both in Glendale and Redwood City.
As well, as if it wasn’t cool enough that Jerry Seinfeld wrote and voiced the main character in the film he was also extremely involved in every step of the production of the film. You can really see the dedication he put into the film. Or you don’t care and you just see animated bees, either way this is a great Sunday film. If you want to do a double feature I suggest following this film with a true Disney classic A Bug’s Life (1998). Or perhaps a triple feature and include Antz (1998) and feel old that both of those films are about 15+ years old now. Yup.


9 bees out 10 in the hive

Who Should Watch This?

Bees/all insects including spiders (not the one that bothers you in the shower though, we all have that one lets be honest)
The cast of Seinfeld