#TMITuesday: 10 Questions with Rapper/Producer Jankins

For those of readers of mine who know me personally, you know I love hip-hop and rap.  And like most people my age, I like knowing about an artist before they blow up big time. This is one of the situations that combines the two. My #TMITuesday interviewee this week is Arizona based rapper, producer, signer/songwriter Jankins.


1. Who or what inspires your music?

People. Stories. Relationships, mainly. Relationships with my ex’s, with my friends, with my ex friends., with my family, with strangers, celebrities,as well as the relationship with myself.
I like to draw inspiration from those around me, the people I meet and the story’s we create.

2. Which is more of an honor in your opinion: a tweet from your musical idol, or a Grammy?

Well ,a Grammy doesn’t really mean sh*t anymore. They just hand those paper weights out to anybody nowadays. Haha! So I’m gonna have to go with a tweet from my musical idol.  At least you know with a tweet, the person that you look up to took time out of their day to recognize you and speak to you personally.. Even if it is through a social media platform.
3. Since today is TMI Tuesday, can you tell the readers something they may not know about you already?
I can’t fall asleep without a movie or TV show playing. It varies between South Park, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Angry Video Game Nerd, Trailer Park Boys, The Office, JonTron and Ninja Turtles. Music doesn’t work. Cant sleep when music is on.. 

4. Artists today seem to be branching out to all sorts of new enterprises; perfumes, clothing, shoes, etc. Is there anything you would like to dabble in? 

I have a bunch of different ideas I would like to work on!! One is a movie based on the music of Michael Jackson, kinda like Across The Universe. I also have some really cool app ideas that I want to get out to the people.  I also want to make a Parappa The Rapper video game reboot!


5. Who is your favourite producer in the game right now? 
Geeze. I love so many.   Ricky Reed from Wallpaper for SURE! He has this amazing way of creating such simplistically complicated music.. On the surface it his song seem so easy.. but when you break it down there are layers upon layers of genius underneath. And its just overall fun music. But I also love Haywyre and Hudson Mohawke a lot. Wondagurl is super dope. 

6. I interview a lot of reality TV stars, and MTV personalities for TMI Tuesday, do you have a favourite reality TV series?

Kitchen Nightmares! Pretty much anything with Gordon Ramsay he is my spirit animal. Haha! I also watch Top Chef EVERY season,I get SUPER into it.. Like, I end up SERIOUSLY hating some of the people on that show.. 

7. What talk show would you most like to perform on?

Jimmy Fallon. If not only just to have The Roots as my band for one night.


8. Choose: New York hip hop or Chicago hip hop? (explain your answer 🙂 )
Snap! That’s a hard one! If it was an option I would go with Atlanta HipHop, cause that’s closest to home and because Outkast are one of my main influences. But if I HAVE to chose between Chicago and NYC.. Could be Chicago cause Kanye West is my fav rapper of all time. But NYC has so many more of my favorites like Jay Z (Duh), Heavy D, Diddy, Busta.
9. Let’s get weird; would you rather have a breakdown during an interview with Oprah, or appear on Dancing with the Stars?
Easy. Oprah. I don’t think I have ever even seen Dancing With The Stars.. 

10. What’s next for you?

I just released a new mixtape called “Mixtape”.. Everybody can download it for free at my website JANKINS.net. I’m also working on TWO completely different albums to be released this year. I’m thinking of starting a Crowd-funding Campaign for the albums to get some of my bigger ideas off the ground. Im still in the brainstorming phases but I hope to have it going in the next few months. I’m working on getting one of my tracks “Bring It To The Streets” on the next Michael Bay produced Ninja Turtles movie. I’m also gonna be doing more episodes of my Podcast I started last year called Moonwalk Talks. On it we chat about anything and everything Michael Jackson. Everybody go check it out on iTunes! But all in all I will be continuing to release new music and reaching out to listeners, new and old, everywhere and in every way I can!
Thank you Nikki for letting me be part of your TMI Tuesdays! 

For more from the rapper check out:


And stay tuned next week for another brand new #TMITuesday interview!


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