#TMITuesday 10 Questions with Are You The One 2 Star/Model Garland Brown

If you live in “extreme cold alert” Canada like I do then shows set in warm, tropical places like Are You the One not only make you jealous of the weather but also keep you hooked on the drama. Season 2 of the MTV competitive dating show introduced us to model and “former player” Garland Brown, this week’s #TMITuesday feature.
Brown and I talked hookups that didn’t make it to air, fashion, “the 11th girl” and I find out if he still talks to his match or not in this week’s TMI Tuesday interview.


1. Your season of Are You The One was a dramatic one especially with the twist of the 11th girl. But in the end everyone found their match. Do you still keep in contact with your match?

My season was most definitely crazy with the 11th girl….Yes I still communicate with my match.
I talk to almost everyone from the cast til this day we’re family now.

ayto-season-22. As model, what would you say your favourite 2015 fashion trend is so far?

My favorite fashion trend this year would have to be “Color Suede” it’s hard to pull off an outfit with a shirt or jacket that’s color suede but if you can do it…you’r e killing the fashion game.

3. Do you watch any other reality TV shows?

Yes I’m like addicted to every reality TV show on MTV now….and I watch VH1’s “Love and Hip Hop” and other shows on that network as well

4. What was the hardest thing about living in the Are You The One house?

The hardest thing about living in the AYTO house was having no communication to the outside world and having to stay with 20 other people all day everyday with absolutely NO SPACE at all.

gar25. Would you ever appear on any other reality TV shows?

Yes I would love to do “The Challenge” on MTV I believe some of those dudes on that show needs to be put in their place. 
Also I want to go on Tyra Banks show “Americas Next Top Model too.

6. Since today is #TMITuesday can you tell the readers something they may not already know about you?

I’m very competitive and I hate losing in pretty much anything. Also I’m a risk take,I make ballsy decisions when it comes to my modeling career.

7. There are so many talented models making a name for themselves this year, if you had to chose would you rather work with:|

Kendall Jenner

Gigi Hadid


Cara Delvigne?

Hands down…Gigi Hadid I actually follow her on Instagram and she is a very talented model.

Who would you guys pick? Comment below!!

8. Are there any hook ups that happened in the AYTO house that didn’t make it to air that you can tell the readers about?

So much more hook-ups happened in the AYTO house off camera but honestly I was so drunk half the time I really can’t remember….


9. What’s your “theme song”? and why?

My theme song right now is OT Genasis  “CoCo” it gets me pumped up for the day and motivates me to keep grinding everyday.

10. What’s next for you Garland?

I’m moving to LA to get my modeling career back on track and watch out for me in the near future as far as modeling…I’m about to do some BIG THINGS….

Watch out for Garland, and for next week’s #TMITuesday post with The Real World: Skeleton’s star, and model Briah Bettencourt! Find out what REALLY happened between him and Shane Raines.

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