#CinemaSunday: Bloody Birthday (1981)

I told you Cinema Sunday would be back, and what better day to bring it back than my birthday! With that in mind, this week’s pick reflects a lot of things that I love plus a birthday theme.  A horror-b-movie, ABOUT birthdays? Sold. This week’s pick the 1981 classis “Bloody Birthday”.


Three really creepy 10 year children all born during a solar eclipse start begin a killing spree. HILARITY ENSUES.


I knew going into this film what I was getting myself into, and luckily Billy Jayne was part of that.
Everything about this film is something I like, the clothes, the pace of the killing, the sound affects/music. I wouldn’t recommend this film for anyone who is specifically into newer horror because they won’t get much out of it. Or anyone planning to have children during a solar eclipse…


98.5 thick/clear rimmed pairs of glasses out of 10

Who Should Watch This?

anyone with a birthday today (So me, Pharrell, a girl  I went to high school with named Brittany)
the guy who cut in front of you in line at Target a month ago

Stay tuned next Sunday for an all new Cinema Sunday review! And this Tuesday for a fresh interview with The Real World: Skeletons’ star Briah Bettencourt for #TMITuesday!

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