#TMITuesday: 10 Questions with The Real World: Skeleton’s Briah Bettencourt

This past season of The Real World the cast was forced to deal with issues, and people whom they thought they left behind. One of my first cast interviews for this season of the show was Bruno Bettencourt who was known best for his romance with local Chi-Towner Carla, his temper, and not speaking to his brother Briah for over 3 years following an argument over a tuna sandwich,
This week’s feature is 1/2 of the tuna sandwich ordeal: Briah ; Bettencourt’s time on the show was short lived like all of the skeletons but he left an impression. From making up with his brother, to hooking up with Tony Raines’ brother Shane, to having my platinum hair goals. I spoke with the model, and reality star about his time on the show, modeling, fashion and more in this week’s TMI Tuesday.


1. What were your expectations upon entering the Real World house?

I had no idea what to expect but I’m a thrill seeker and I always try something at least once.

2. As a model, who would you like to work with most celebrity wise? (this can be another model, or photographer).

I’d love to work with Willy Cartier he’s one of my favorite models and I’d love to shoot with Mert & Marcus.
3. What is your relationship like with your brother Bruno now?

We’re on good terms we’ve traveled together recently and we talk occasionally.

4. Do you keep in touch with anyone from the RW30 cast?

Yes, I talk to Nicole a lot I talk to Tony and Madison occasionally as well. I communicate with the others on social media regardless of what occurred with my brother and the roommates I have a great connection with some of them.
5. Being a model you’re exposed to fashion all of the time, especially living in NY. What is your favourite 2015 fashion trend so far?

As far as trends go I am actually really inspired by Russian and Korean fashion. My favorite trend currently is long hanging shirts or tank tops.
6. How do you feel about the way that your brother Bruno was portrayed on the show as far as his anger, and anti social behavior?

I felt that he was portrayed badly, there was a lot of footage that ended up on the cutting room floor I know he was portrayed as an angry person but he also had some amazing times as well, I remember when I visited he was constantly making the roommates laugh.
7. Since today is TMITuesday can you tell the readers something they may not already know about you?
   haha well as far as my portrayal on the show goes everyone assumes I’m gay when in reality I’m attracted to both sexes.

8. What would you say is your “theme song”?
Dreams by Fleetwood Mac.

https://youtu.be/462lDlULSBk9. Okay so, what really happened with Shane?

As far as in the house? If you are referring to the bed situation we did not have sex haha. If you’re referring to us meeting we had a great connection. (The Raines bros seen below with that top notch brow game)


10. What’s next for you Briah?

     I’m focusing on modeling, just recently signed with a new agency and I’m putting my attention back to that I also want to get involved with charities and give back.

We expect great things to come from Briah!
Keep up with Briah on his twitter at: www.twitter.com/briughh , and on his instagram at www.instagram.com/briahbettencourt

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