#CinemaSunday: Attack of the Killer Refrigerator (1990)

With technology advancing very minute of every day the idea of machines having minds of their own now goes well beyond Transformers. But, what if it wasn’t just computers, and vehicles to come to life? What if appliances got in on it too? This week’s #CinemaSunday pick explores what would happen if humankind were to really, really piss off a refrigerator.  (If I’ve lost you, you’re on the wrong film blog.)


A group of teenagers harass, and abuse a fridge, not knowing the machine will soon eat, and kill them for their actions.


This film is amazing, if you love b-movies like I do.  It’s so cheesy, so ridiculous, so absolutely perfect.  I’ve been waiting so long to watch this film, and share it on my blog.


10 ice cube trays out of 10

Who Should Watch This?

Everyone, ever.

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