#CinemaSunday: Zombeavers (2014)

With the, or at least my, semester coming to an end after what felt like 8 years of my life despite it only being about 5 month I decided to ensure that this week’s Cinema Sunday pick had some sort of college theme.
I went with a less obvious college theme as this week’s film only features college students, but it’s main component surely makes up for that.  Ladies and gentleman… ZOMBEAVERS.


 Genre:  Horror/Comedy

    A group of, you guessed it, college students make a great choice as most do in horror films and head to a cabin for the weekend.  During a weekend of sex, drinking, and general shenanigans,  the group is attacked by 2014’s horror-comedy MVPs zombie beavers.


I remember hearing about this film before it’s release and I knew it was going to end up on my blog someday. It’s super cheesy, and campy fun.  You may recognize the character/megababe ‘Tommy’ played by Jake Weary  from the recently theatre released horror ‘It Follows’.


8.5 undead Canadian symbols out of 10

Who Should Watch This?

Stephen Harper
your best friend
b-movie lovers
Jake Weary, but during a movie date with me.


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