#TMITuesday: 10 Questions with The Only Way is Essex star Pascal Craymer

Five years ago TV screens in the UK met the original cast of the popular reality TV series “The Only Way is Essex” following the lives of various adults living in Essex. Three years into the series this week’s #TMITuesday featured joined the cast and brought with her a unique attitude, killer fashion sense,and of course drama. This week’s feature for UK Takeover week is fitness model, and TOWIE star Pascal Craymer whom I sat down to chat with about fashion, fitness, a little drama,TOWIE, and more.


1. Do you keep in touch with anyone from The Only Way is Essex?

I see them a lot at events ect… I’ll say hello to some of them.. Fran and Diags are really lovely and so is Jasmine … I use to keep in contact with Elliot until he got together with Chloe.

towie12. You do a lot of work with Protein World, how important is fitness to you?

Fitness is my life.. I love to keep fit. I try and train 4 times a week. Working out relives stress and tension too and makes me feel good.

3. On the note of fitness, what is your go-to healthy snack?

I love rice cakes! I could live of them .. My favourite snack topping would probably be peanut butter with sliced banana.


  Pair your rice cake with your favourite toppinggs such as: honey and oats, almond butter, and berries! 

4. Since this is #TMITuesday can you tell the readers something about you that they may not already know?
I was an international gymnast – some people may know that but a lot of people don’t know I have a severe phobia of thunder storms!!!

5. Being a model, what is your must have item?

My must have item would probably have to be my Nivea cream…and my phone!

6. If you could do a project with any designer,for any magazines who would it be, and why that publication?

Ooo with any designer?? I would love to do a fashion fitness line with Vera Wang for Elle magazine.  I come from a gymnastics back round and Vera Wang was a former figure skater so I think we could make some magic! Elle magazine always do great fitness articles and shoots so the collaboration of the two would be perfect!

7. Do you watch any other reality TV shows? I’m really big on TLC programs, and anything on MTV for the most part.

    I love the new channel itvBE… The Real Housewives of Atlanta…actually all the real housewives!!!  But I also love Dance Moms and  Catfish!!! I love all reality shows


8. What would you say is your “theme song”?

I’d say my theme song is independent woman by Destiny’s Child

9. You were seen in a dress from Geordie Shore’s Charlotte Crosby’s line “Nostalgia” (you looked gorgeous btw). Would you consider your own line? What would you call it?

Thank you so much! I would most definitely consider my own line… I love fashion and would love to introduce my own style to a fashion line… I couldn’t say what I would call it right now.

10. What’s next for you Pascal? Any upcoming projects?

I’m definitely sticking to by my gymnastics past and also my fitness which I seem to be becoming a bit of a role model for. I can’t really talk about any projects yet but there’s some exciting things in the mix. I would love to make a return to TOWIE at some point as I think there’s plenty of scores to settle with certain people and I’m also still good friends with quite a few of the cast. I’ve never really followed the rules in terms of plans and my future and work as I think being in the moment is the best way to be! We shall see… 😉

Follow Craymer on twitter @pascalcraymer and stay tuned next week for another all new #TMITuesday Interview!