#CinemaSunday: Tony (2009)

Oi! With my UK Takeover week winding down to an end today I thought I would make this week’s #CinemaSunday film pick a combo of UK imported-low budget-horror with 2009’s Tony.


 Genre:  Horror/Slasher

Tony which is also known by it’s alternative title Tony: London Serial Killer  tells the story of a serial killer living in suburban London.  The film stars Peter Ferdinando whom you may know from Snow White and the Huntsman, or the TV series The Mimic.
Tony was screened in 2010 at the SXSW festival as well.


This film is incredibly gritty and dark which is what I look for in a psychological thriller such as Tony. Throughout the movie I found myself feeling sorry for Tony, as opposed to his victims. I also at times did feel as if I were watching a very long episode of Criminal Minds but it was lacking a whole lot of Reid/ Morgan-Garcia OTP.


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Matthew Gray Gubler
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Julia Stiles
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Pascal Craymer

Stay tuned every Sunday for all new #CinemaSunday films!


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