#MusicMonday: Artist of the week Keith Ape

Keith ape- rapper

This week’s artist of the week hails from Korea and it one of my favourite rappers right now, and maybe this will distract you from all of the “May the 4th be with you” posts today.

21 year old Keith Ape has been making his mark in rap with hits such as: “Hot Ninja” and “It G ma” is one part of the Hi-lite Records‘ group The Cohort

Ape began to blow up after creating and posting his own interpretations of   American rap songs including: Bobby Shmurda’s “Hot N***a” and the absolute banger “It G Ma” is very clearly similar to the viral hit “U Guess It” from OG Maco.

Fun Fact: Keith Ape’s name is based on the late Keith Haring

I’m waiting on Ape’s EP to drop, hopefully lending hands to the album will by JayAllDay, who created the beat to “It G Ma”, and J-rap artist Kohh, famous for his hit with J Stash and Young Sacci (Andy Milonakis)

Stay tuned tomorrow for a brand new #TMITuesday interview with The Real World and The Challenge MTV babe Averey Tressler!


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