#TMITuesday: 10 Questions with TV host, and MTV personality Brittany Baldassari

This week’s  #TMITuesday feature is someone who has been all over your screens over the last year or so and no one is upset about that. The feisty female who made her first screen appearance on the debut season of MTV’s Are You The One , which lead the megababe to her on again off again hookup (and former #TMITuesday interviewee) Adam Kuhn.
More recently  Baldi and her former cast mate Ryan Malty were recently presenters at The 2015 Reality TV Show Awards.
I sat down to ask Brittany  about her time on AYTO,  Adam,her latest media endeavors, and more.


1.During your time on Are You the One, and The Challenge: Battle of the Exes 2 you and Adam Kuhn have had a lot of drama it feels like. what is your current relationship with Adam?

    Adam and  I had lots of drama during both Are You The One and The Challenge. Our personalities and outlooks on life do not mesh well, we are like oil and water. To say the least, he is not my perfect match. Currently Adam and I are civil. We will never be good friends, but I also do not see him as an enemy either.

adam42. What was your initial reaction when you discovered you would be competing with Adam on this past season of The Challenge?

     When I first found out Adam would be my partner this season on MTV The Challenge, my heart dropped. I knew I was going to be forced to work with someone that I did not get along with. My mind started racing and I was skeptical on how we would perform together considering we were not on the best terms as friends.

3. You are now a host with @afterbuzzTV@wickedbitesTV, congratulations by the way! How did that start? And what can we expect from this?

    Thank you for the congrats. I have a natural talent for being in front of the camera and I love interviewing others, hosting stemmed from me wanting to take my passion of entertaining others and turning it into reality. You can expect me to be doing a ton of TV hosting and live broadcasting. I recently moved to Los Angeles to continue my pursuit in landing a full time broadcasting gig, Afterbuzz TV and Wicked Bites are an incredible platform for that.

4. Which 3 other AYTO cast members (from either season) would you like on a 4 person team with you on The Challenge, if you had the choice.

     I love the season 2 cast, they are good people. But for a 4 person crew I have to go with my home field original gangsters from season 1. I would love Joey Dillon and Ryan Malaty for guys. Both of them are very physically athletic and mentally stable, they would make for great Challenge partners both physically and during strategics they would be beneficial. For girls, I would want either Shanley Mcintee or Jessica Perez. Both girls are fierce competitors and physically willing to push their bodies to the limit. I think together we would slay competition.


5. How did your time on Are You The One change you? 

   My time on Are You The One has not really changed me as a person. Mentally it has prepped me for other great opportunities. My experience also taught me the value of love and what to look for in a long term future mate. I would say it was highly beneficial. I also gained life time friends. I am happy to be apart of the MTV family and excited for future opportunities.

6. Who would be your celebrity “perfect match”?

      My dream guy is NHL player and Pittsburgh Penguins captain, Sidney Crosby. He is my perfect match. I find him to be so inspirational. He is hard working, determined to be the best, and he seems like a genuine kind hearted man. I feel like him and I would mesh well and we would put in work during a Challenge!

7. Since today is #TMITuesday can you tell the readers something they may not already know about you? 

  Readers do not know that I love to cook and eat very healthy. I strive to be physically fit and love pushing my body to its limits.


8. If seems like you and Adam, prior to your elimination on the show, spent a LOT of time in the dome. Do you feel this established the two of you as a threat/force to be reckoned with?  Did you think it was fair that rookies Jenna and Jay were not put in the same position?

     Adam and I did spend a lot of the time in the dome. At the time (while filming) it was highly stressful but looking back, I would not change it. I feel being in the dome that many times made me fearless and ready for future Challenges. I feel it established our team as the Underdog powercouple. Jay and Jenna never lost a Challenge, as rookies that is incredible. So although it was not fair that they were not thrown into an elimination, they also earned their stripes keeping themselves out of the dome.

9.What is the theme song to your life?

      I love Avicci  “wake me up”. It is so fun and up beat! It is my theme song to life. The lyrics are very relatable to me “life is a game for everyone and love is the prize”. I enjoy that quote because I am very picky when it comes to dating, and once I end up with the right man it will be a prize to cherish. I also love when the lyrics talk about staying forever young and traveling. This whole song is about a journey and finding yourself through life experiences.


10. What’s next for you Brittany? Any upcoming projects, events? 

  I am currently working on a webseries with former cast member Ryan Malaty, stay tuned via our social media for updates on that. I will also continue hosting shows on Afterbuzz TV as well as Wicked Bites (when I am in the Boston area of course). I will continue pushing hard and focusing on my career as both a sports and entertainment personality. Hopefully you will see me kickin’ booty on the next Challenge!

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