#FitnessFriday: TOWIE Star/Model Pascal Craymer’s Snack Pick

The Only Way is Essex star Pascal Craymer is not only a reality star but also a model. Anyone will tell you that when it comes to staying in shape you can’t just workout a few times  a week and expect results. Eating right is an essential step in the weight loss/fitness maintenance game but it doesn’t have to be all bland food and a sad face. Pascal Craymer Upfront Zoo Magazine
In my interview with Craymer for #TMITuesday last month the model and gymnastics lover revealed one of her favourite healthy snacks! It’s simple, protein packed, and often forgotten:

Rice cake with peanut butter and banana

I’ll be more than a little worried if you continue to read this for a recipe but hey, maybe you need it.


a plain rice cake

peanut butter (crunchy or smooth)

A peeled banana

Take the rice cake, and spread peanut butter on it. Slice the banana into small pieces, place them on the rice cake, and then worry that you needed a recipe for this.