#CinemaSunday: 3 Horrors Films from 2015 That You Need To Catch

Although I’m thrilled to see horror in the mainstream with films such as It Follows, and that pathetic attempt at a cyber horror Unfriended I will always support indie horror, and lesser known horrors. Call me a hipster, a film snob, whatever. I figured for #CinemaSunday this week I would let y’all know about some 2015 horrors getting ready to hit VOD, theatres, and the festival circuit.

1. MANIA  

This indie horror, directed by scream queen Jessica Cameron, who brought you Truth or Dare, is back with her sophomore directed film about a couple who make their way cross-country following a gorey, and brutal murder. The film stars Ellie Church (Headless) and  Tristan Risk (American Mary) as lesbian lovers on the run. Be sure to request this one for your local film fests. Director Cameron describes the film as “a f*&%ed up lesbian love story”.


If you’re an avid reader of my interview segment #TMITuesday then you remember my interview with director James Cullen Bressack. This flick is from JCB and tells the story of 3 women’s Summer plans to live it up in Thailand going horribly wrong.
After the 3 women unknowingly release the spirit of a dead child, one is is pissed I might add. Maybe it’s because I’ve been re-watching Supernatural for the 3rd time, but I do love a good vengeful spirit. Get excited for this one guys.  The film hits some theatres, and VOD June 19th.


How could I list indie-horrors without a zombies vs something film? It would be wrong to do so. This flick from Brad Twigg, starring  Rosanna Nelson, Patrick Opitz, Andrea Marie, and more revolves around a group of moms out for a ladies night gone wrong. When their town is overrun with zombies, the moms must kill the zombies, meet up with their husbands, and save their children from Summer camp. It’s ok to laugh, I know I am.

Stay tuned tomorrow for an all new #MusicMonday artist of the week post, and all new #TMITuesday interview with Are you The One star Christina LeBlanc!