#TMITuesday: 10 Questions with Are You The One 2’s “11th Girl” Christina LeBlanc

The latest season of Are You the One brought along a huge twist, and if you’re an avid reader of TMI Tuesday you’ve heard former cast member’s of the show’s opinions on the “11th girl” twist. This week you get to hear her side of it, and find out if she still talks to Brandon, and what a “Goon Squad” TV series would be like in this week’s installment of TMI Tuesday.


1.       I’m sure you were ready to talk about being the 11th girl on the latest season of AYTO, a HUGE twist for the show. A lot of the focus of the show was how angry people seemed to be initially. Clearly not with you personally, but a few of them did project that onto you. How did you handle that pressure? 
I knew what I was facing before entering into the house. At first people didn’t like me, but it wasn’t personal. Therefore I didn’t take it personally! Once people began getting to know me, the whole 11th girl thing wasn’t as important.
2. Do you think it would be the same if it were an 11th guy instead of an 11th girl?
Good question! I’m not sure. I honestly have no idea haha.

3. What would you say is the theme song to your life?

Polish Ambassador – Lost and Found. That song, especially the third verse, explains my life to a T after the show.

4. Throughout the show you had quite the ride with Brandon, do you think the connection was real or a circumstantial fling? Where do you stand with Brandon now? 

Brandon and I had something very real. Right now we are just friends, but who knows what could happen in the future. He and I will always share something very special. Right now we are actually trying to plan a trip to see one another, so that’ll be fun!

5. Speaking of Brandon, this season of The Challenge: Battle of the Exes 2 has AYTO cast members compete. How do you think you and Brandon would do if you were to compete on the show together? Which fellow cast member do you think you would compete best with?

If Brandon and I were on the Challenge together, we would run sh*t. We are both such competitive people and work great as a team. I think we would do great. Out of the entire cast, I would definitely compete with Brandon. If I picked a girl to compete with it would be Briana.


6. Do you watch any other reality shows?

Not really, to be honest.
7. What advice would you give to the season 3 hopefuls of Are You The One?
Be yourself, have fun. Don’t hold back!

8. Since today is TMI Tuesday can you tell the readers something about you they may not already know?
Something the readers don’t already know… Well, that’s difficult because I feel like most people know everything about me!  But, I have 5 sisters and a brother. That makes me the oldest of 7! Which I feel like not many people know. Sorry if that isn’t interesting enough.
9. Yourself, and fellow castmates and current roommates Briana, and Jessica are the ladies of Goon Squad. If y’all had your own show what would the premise be? 

Our life! Briana, Jess, and I have the craziest times together. We have such strong and different personalities that make our lives absolutely insane. BUT we have so much fun together and I know if people got to watch our day to day lives and interactions, they’d get a kick out of it.


10. What’s next for you Christina? 


Well, I just moved to California. So right now I’m settling in and just going where the wind takes me! I plan on attending a ridiculous amount of music festivals this year. Other than that, I’m just enjoying life and having fun with my best friends!

Stay tuned to my blog next week for another TMI Tuesday interview with a Bad Girl’s Club alumni, I also reveal some dirt on Bad Girls Club casting 😉   And follow me on instagram and twitter for blog updates: @thenikkisin


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