Atomic Lollipop: Geek Culture at It’s Finest

Ever wonder where the geeks go to let loose? Sure there’s a slew of conventions world wide, but there are none like Toronto’s Atomic Lollipop. This collaboration of carnival, convention, and music festival is the ultimate place for geeks of all kinds.  (fun fact about the video below, I’m in it.)

If you were at Anime North this past weekend, it’s likely you saw the Apop booth at the con, and if you walked away thinking “oh it’s just another convention” then you are  A.) Insane and B.) Sadly mistaken.

Previous highlights of the weekend in the past years include a DJ set by Kristian Nairn (Hodor on HBO’s Game of Thrones), A performance by The Pizza Underground, game tournaments, bouncy castles, ferris wheels and a whole lot more.

Fun fact: I may or may not have spent a good portion of one of my nights at Atomic Lollipop a few years ago on top of a tank throwing lollipops into the crowd.

Things you’ll find at Atomic Lollipop:

Jaw dropping cosplay

Insane DJ sets


All of the kawaii

Merch, so much merch

Anime (ok you HAD to be expecting that)

This year The Ontario Science Center, July 17th-19th will be the THE place to be. With the reunion concert of Prozzak, yes you read that correctly PROZZAK WILL BE PERFORMING AT THIS EVENT, a ramen eating contest, geek speed dating, a giant light saber battle and that’s just to start.

Our generation is ALL about nostalgia, and Prozzak is bound to bring back a mountain of memories. So if you’re missing out on Apop this year, it truly, truly sucks to be you.

Also aiding your ears will be…


    The 3 day, 2 night geek fest contains more than 200 unique events/attractions, and tickets to the event can be purchased on the freshly updated Atomic Lollipop official site: